Liberal Hypocrisy on Guns, Suicide

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In pushing for dramatic new federal action, gun control advocates often mislead the public with the term “gun deaths.” They do so by citing statistics including not only murders committed with firearms, but also including the much greater number of suicides.

Actually, the great majority of more than 30,000 annual gun deaths – nearly two thirds of all those fatalities – occur when people deliberately kill themselves. Counting 19,000 additional suicides by pills, jumping from bridges, slicing wrists and so forth, the number murdering themselves is nearly five times higher than the number killed in firearms homicides. Yet many of the same liberal true believers who say they want to save lives by curbing gun ownership also endorse assisted suicide – providing unwitting encouragement to a culture of self-slaughter that already claims far too many victims.

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2 Responses to “Liberal Hypocrisy on Guns, Suicide”

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    Nan G

    That’s a very interesting fact and misuse of language.
    ”Gun deaths.”
    It is sort of like, ”the rich.”
    It didn’t mean what people thought it meant.
    But it served a purpose.
    It conflated something truly evil (murder) with something else that is totally acceptable to the Left (suicide).
    Just like most people thought of leisurely Scrooge McDuck as ”the rich,” rather than hard-working professional American firemen, nurses, salesmen, etc.
    But it will be those workers who will be taxes as if they are ”rich.”

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    I personally believe that suicides are not a reason to limit the sales of guns—if a person wants to kill themselves, they’ll find a way. I believe the single most important element in limiting mass murder—like that which has occurred in schools as of late—is the limiting of high content magazines, which would allow for a person to reload after about 10 rounds, and give by-standers a chance to disarm or fire upon the shooter.

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