Left-wing assassin pleads guilty; MSM silent

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Jammie Wearing Fools:

Floyd Corkins would be a household name by now if he attacked a liberal group. But since he was going after the Family Research Council (and Chick-Fil-a at the same time) last summer his name quickly disappeared from the headlines. This story won’t even merit a mention on the evening news, in all likelihood.

A man accused of shooting a security guard inside the downtown Washington headquarters of a conservative Christian lobbying group pleaded guilty Wednesday in connection with the shooting.

Corkins pleaded guilty to one federal count of crossing state lines with guns and ammunition. He also pleaded guilty to one count of intent to kill while armed and one count of committing an act of terrorism with the intent to kill.

Those last two counts are District charges.

He is scheduled to be sentenced on April 29.

Corkins was charged in August with opening fire inside the lobby of the Family Research Council building. A security guard was wounded but managed to wrestle away the gun. No one else was hurt.

Prosecutors say Corkins, who had been volunteering at a center for gay, lesbian and transgender people, was carrying ammunition and Chick-fil-A sandwiches in his bag. Chick-fil-A was making headlines at the time because of its president’s stated opposition to gay marriage.

Corkins intended to smear the sandwiches in the faces of his victims to make a statement about gay rights opponents, he acknowledged during a hearing Wednesday.

I blame the liberal climate of hate. Interestingly the U.S. Attorney used the occasion not to decry the angry left but to push for — wait for it — more gun control.

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2 Responses to “Left-wing assassin pleads guilty; MSM silent”

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    Nan G

    I just news searched this man’s name.
    Blogs, a few radio stations and an FBI news release.
    One major news org, the NYTimes has it.
    There are only 5 pages of different news stories on it at all.
    Only 1,600 results total. (Mostly duplicate blogs)

    To be fair, there were less than 1/3rd of that number about how Obama didn’t bother to show up or be updated the night of the Sept 11th attack on our men in Benghazi.
    Only 504 results for that.
    Some totally unrelated, btw.

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