Kelly Ayotte: The Invisible Senator at the Benghazi event

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“We owe it to the American people to make sure that we understand: Exactly what happened, What went wrong, Why couldn’t the greatest military in the world respond when an attack occurred almost over a seven hour period, and why were there at the minimum, misstatements made and certainly misimpressions given to the American people about the nature of this attack in the immediate explanations provided by the administration in two weeks following the attack.” < /em>Sen Kelly Ayotte (R-NH) 11-14-12

There is a lot of talk today about Benghazi after the press conference yesterday concerning Susan Rice, and the administration’s actions of September 11th of this year.

On Morning Joe, on CSPAN they highlighted Senators Lindsey Graham and John McCain and the questions concerning Benghazi. During their segment with Angus King the senator elect from Maine they asked about Senator McCain and Graham.

There were however three senators at that press conference.

Senator Kelly Ayotte (R-NH) was also there and spoke to this issue, (as she had during the campaign). She gave a strong statement on the situation and answered questions as well.

You would think it’s kind of hard to ignore Kelly Ayotte at that event, She is tall (she towered over both Senators McCain & Graham) but she is a younger, photogenic woman who had a strong interest in this matter. I’d think that would be something to play up instead of just “two old white guys”.

I suggest that is exactly WHY she is left out.

It’s all a question of negative marketing. You can’t ignore John McCain, he is a former Presidential candidate and a war hero, but you can dismiss him, Lindsey Graham has been considered a protege of Sen McCain for a long time, if you want to pooh pooh McCain it’s fairly easy to do the same to Graham. He was a member of the impeachment crew vs Bill Clinton and is just another southern white guy.

But Kelly Ayotte is a relatively young senator, she is an up and coming member of the GOP and in fact the highest ranking member of the GOP in office out of New Hampshire. I mean how many photogenic northeast Republican women, backed by Sarah Palin, who are fearless conservatives in the Senate?

I submit and suggest that a conservative woman who is a rising star is exactly who the left and the media doesn’t want highlighted and a real effort is going to made to continue to downplay her and keep her unnoticed.

And of course if she is left out, then it is two old white guys beating up on Susan Rice a woman of color, but if Kelly Ayotte is making points like this:

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Curt served in the Marine Corps for four years and has been a law enforcement officer in Los Angeles for the last 24 years.

3 Responses to “Kelly Ayotte: The Invisible Senator at the Benghazi event”

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    After this debacle…

    All I can say is THANK GOD this administration was not in play September 11, 2001… OMG!!

    In light of what has (or has not) transpired in the days and weeks of 9/11/12…

    …just imagine for a moment, mentally ‘picture’ these clueless, asshats people trying to ‘explain’ to the American People what happened when: Tower 1 was hit… when Tower 2 was hit.. PA and then the Pentagon…

    What a sight huh?

    …and then the Won commenting [pleading] “the United States Government had nothing to do with…bla bla bla” and whatever other appeasing B/S he, and his crew would spew…


  2. 2

    richard roundtree

    @Faith7, you must be the dumbest person alive. “All I can say is THANK GOD this administration was not in play September 11, 2001… OMG” DID YOU FORGET that under the Bush administration 4,000 plus service members lost their lives and countless others wounded in a feeble attempt to find something that didn’t exist. WMD. You are truly an idiot if you think Bush did a good job because he didn’t. What a quack!

  3. 3


    @richard roundtree: Actually, it looks like you take the title of “dumbest person alive”. Do you realize that we lost more than 4,000 on D-Day alone? Probably not. Any US casualties are bad – we’d prefer none – but have a little perspective.

    The second reason you earn the title is the re-run of the old, tired, multiply-disproved WMD! trope. That was one reason we went in, and since we couldn’t ascertain it WITHOUT going in, a valid reason at the time.

    Sorry to tell you that you’ll have to share your title with about 50.1% of the population, who voted the SCOAMF a second term.

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