John McCain: Of Course The GOP Is Going To Have To Accept “A Path To Citizenship”

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DrewM @ Ace of Spades HQ:

All the stories coming out in the last week or so about immigration shows that the narrative is being set up. Today, John McCain did his part to further the Democrat’s agenda.

McCain said on ABC’s “This Week” Sunday that a group of bipartisan senators would be announcing “principles” on immigration reform this week, which he said was similar to a plan unveiled during President George W. Bush’s second term that ultimately failed….

McCain said there’s one big reason that his party has to loosen its opposition to providing a path to citizenship.

“Look at the last election,” he said. “We are losing dramatically the Hispanic vote, which we think should be ours for a variety of reasons, and we’ve got to understand that.”

President Obama is making his own immigration push this week with a speech in Las Vegas. McCain, one of the president’s harshest critics in Congress, said he thinks Obama’s proposals will be “helpful” to the effort in the Senate.

Ok John, let’s look at the last election.

Quick question…if amnesty will lead to GOP victories, why are the Democrats so insistent on it? Seems to me if Republicans pushing for this are right, the Democrats would be raising holy hell to stop it.

The Washington Posts allegedly conservative blogger (who loved her some Mitt Romney) is touting Rubio’s part in all of this.

On Wednesday he was pitching his plan on staunch conservative Mark Levin’s radio show. At one point (at the 4:30 mark) Rubio called the current system “de facto immigration,” meaning that by not enforcing current law we are already giving those here illegally a free pass. For Levin, this was compelling. (“We have de facto amnesty right now. When he said it, it set a light bulb off. Maybe I am a little slow. I said, ‘Well he’s right, we do have de facto amnesty.’ Which is exactly why Obama wants to really do nothing.”)

That’s idiotic. Supposedly the reason we have to do this (aside from all the new “Republican” voters) is that it’s unfair to make these people “live in the shadows”.

Well, if we have “de facto amnesty” now, what difference will actual amnesty make to illegals?

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