Hagel sinking

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Jennifer Rubin @ The WaPo:

It’s fascinating, actually, to see a nominee of this importance do so poorly. Chuck Hagel, nominated for defense secretary, has gone from awful to atrocious today, having to deny the obvious meaning of words he previously authored (on Global Zero), correct himself repeatedly (no, he didn’t mean Iran’s government was “legitimate”) and find himself simply unable to explain himself. Forgetting about his views, he does not radiate the confidence nor project the intelligence the job demands. It is unclear whether he was not prepped properly, whether he refused to be coached or whether he simply isn’t bright. A long-time Capitol Hill Democrat astounded by the hearing tells me, “It is very clear from the testimony that Sen. Hagel will not be bringing the potato salad to the next Mensa picnic.”

Sen. Deb Fischer (R-Neb.) did an immense amount of danger, disclosing that Hagel would still oppose unilateral sanctions. (How then could he possibly be the defense secretary in this administration?). Moreover, in reading his own words from the Global Zero report, she forced him to squirm, insisting the words she read didn’t mean what they said.

Even more damaging was the brilliant — there is no other word for it — interrogation from Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) who challenged him to name one senator “intimidated” by the “Jewish lobby” and to name “one dumb thing” the United States did as a result of that intimidation. He couldn’t. Why did he say those things, then? The result of this exchange was to cast Hagel as a gadfly who speaks rashly.

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Curt served in the Marine Corps for four years and has been a law enforcement officer in Los Angeles for the last 24 years.

3 Responses to “Hagel sinking”

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    Nan G

    Hagel is exactly what Obama wants.
    He has no idea how to run a big department.
    He had problems keeping a staff of his own together in all his years as a public servant.
    He will do what Obama tells him to do.
    And, there are enough Democrat Senators to confirm him for Obama.
    It only takes 51.

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    The Tea Party will hopefully ensure that any Republican who votes to confirm this incompetent sycophant gets primaried good and hard. I want to see the era of “go along to get along” ended forthwith. Unqualified hacks who are nominated to Cabinet positions because they know how to kiss a narcissist’s ass are an existential threat to this country. That covers most Obama appointees, but especially Chuck Hagel being nominated to Defense, which makes a mockery of the position and should make a mockery of the boy-king-wanabee who made it.

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