Good thing that war on terrorism is over and Al Qaida has been defeated…..

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Drudge headlines:

REPORT: Hostages held in Algeria killed…
BLOODBATH: Helicopters strafe gas plant in desert…
Fate of 7 Kidnapped Americans Unknown…
Hostages ‘made to wear explosives’…
Obama, Clinton Silent on Crisis…
LATEST: Some ‘escape Islamist captors’…
Gunmen dubbed ‘Signatories for Blood’…
One-eyed Jihadi leader…
Retaliation for France intervention in Mali…

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One Response to “Good thing that war on terrorism is over and Al Qaida has been defeated…..”

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    Nan G

    The situation is very fluid right now.
    The facts will shake out only later….or, if it is anything like Benghazi…..never.
    One thing is sure: Obama will take credit if there is success and will BLAME somebody else if there is failure.
    He is always quiet DURING.

    I just wonder whose side he is on…..
    On one side is Big Oil, their employees.
    Multinational workers who are among the well-paid ”rich.”
    Some of the militaries from some of their home lands.

    On the other side poor Muslims.
    Misunderstood, defensive, cut off, targeted for discrimination.

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