Goldberg: GOP Undergoing ‘Bowel-Stewing Panic’

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Nathaniel Botwinick @ The Corner:

National Review’s Jonah Goldberg colorfully described the state of the Republican Party over the fiscal cliff negotiations on Special Report tonight:

Boehner has a weak hand, and the fact that he has a weak hand is causing something close to a bowel-stewing panic among the Republican rank and file. I think you’re seeing Republicans freak out a little bit, a little bit too prematurely, but the ironic thing is that somewhat might strengthen Boehner’s hand in negotiations. If he can go in there and say, “look, these guys are going to fire me if I do what you’re asking, I can’t do that.” The one thing Barack Obama understands is personal self-preservation in politics; that might make Boehner a more credible negotiator in all of this. But at the end of the day, I still think Republicans are going to have to shoot the hostage, and end up raising rates.

Video here

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