Global warming is HALF what we said: top climate scientists admit computers got the effects of greenhouse gases wrong

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The Hockey Schtick:

Leaked report reveals the world is warming at half the rate claimed by IPCC in 2007
Scientists accept their computers ‘may have exaggerated’

A leaked copy of the world’s most authoritative climate study reveals scientific forecasts of imminent doom were drastically wrong.

The Mail on Sunday has obtained the final draft of a report to be published later this month by the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), the ultimate watchdog whose massive, six-yearly ‘assessments’ are accepted by environmentalists, politicians and experts as the gospel of climate science.

They are cited worldwide to justify swingeing fossil fuel taxes and subsidies for ‘renewable’ energy.

Yet the leaked report makes the extraordinary concession that the world has been warming at only just over half the rate claimed by the IPCC in its last assessment, published in 2007.

Back then, it said that the planet was warming at a rate of 0.2C every decade – a figure it claimed was in line with the forecasts made by computer climate models.

But the new report says the true figure since 1951 has been only 0.12C per decade – a rate far below even the lowest computer prediction.

The 31-page ‘summary for policymakers’ is based on a more technical 2,000-page analysis which will be issued at the same time. It also surprisingly reveals: IPCC scientists accept their forecast computers may have exaggerated the effect of increased carbon emissions on world temperatures – and not taken enough notice of natural variability.

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6 Responses to “Global warming is HALF what we said: top climate scientists admit computers got the effects of greenhouse gases wrong”

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    Common Sense

    If they say they where half wrong that would mean they where totally wrong, based on 0-blama standards!! We where so lucky the wacho Gore did NOT steal the presidential election!!

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    these people make their living on the dole of TAXPAYERS,
    why not in theses time of low economy, shut their GOVERNMENT INCOME,
    and put them out of a crooked system which nobody believe anymore,
    how many million dollar will be save at that one, and other scam they are blinding people with.
    all is wasting the money which belong to the PEOPLE,

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