‘Game Change’ – HBO’s Contribution To Obama

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The only surprise that came with my screening of “Game Change” was in the realization that HBO chose to remake the sci-fi/horror film “The Hidden.” For those of you who haven’t seen this 1987 cult classic, it’s about a dangerous alien who comes to Earth determined to become president of the United States. The alien is crass (it loves red sports cars), unsophisticated (it loves heavy metal) and it speaks in single, bewildered syllables because it doesn’t understand the world around it. But while the alien might not be educated, its ruthless survival instincts manage to get it within grasp of its insidious goal, thanks to a senator seeking the presidency.

There is one difference between the two films. “Game Change” ends a little sooner — at that bone-chilling moment when the audience is made aware of the terrible fact that the terrible alien (Governor Palin) has successfully put itself within reach of the presidency.

Fade to black.


Vote for Barack Obama.

“The Hidden,” however, ends with our hero rushing in to save the world … with a flamethrower. The alien is engulfed in fire, falls to the ground, exposes its true, ugly self and explodes into a million slimy pieces. And I think it’s pretty obvious that HBO, producer Tom Hanks, director Jay Roach and screenwriter Danny Strong, see themselves as this hero, and their flamethrower is a little something called “Game Change.”

To understand just what a heinous piece of propaganda HBO has produced on behalf of President Obama, we have to go back in time to paint a complete contextual picture. HBO announced “Game Change” in early March of last year. This was after a difficult year for the president, when his approval ratings were in worse shape than they are now. This was also a time when many believed, including myself, that Governor Palin would enter the 2012 race to challenge Obama.

In other words, it’s just a fact that when HBO decided to pull the trigger, the possibility was very real that Palin could become president of the United States. So what did HBO chooseto do as a response? Here are the facts:

1. HBO chose to adapt into a feature film the 10 percent of a 350-plus page book that focused on a vice presidential candidate.

2. HBO chose not to adapt into a feature film that portion of the book focusing on what might have given us some insight into the man currently residing in the Oval Office.

3. HBO chose a book written by two men who were not on the campaign trail with Governor Palin, who made a conscious choice of their own to tell only the side of the story coming from those who refused to go on the record. Those willing to go on the record, those willing to stake their reputations on their side of the story, were all but ignored by these authors.

4. HBO chose to give left-wing partisans, who openly support Obama, millions of dollars to bring their vision of his likely challenger to life.

5. HBO chose as a release date (their absurdly dishonest protests aside) the Saturday after Super Tuesday. Think about this: If it’s March of 2011, and you’re remaking “The Hidden,” and you’re thinking ahead to the most likely day the alien might be one step away from obtaining power, what better day to rush in with your flamethrower than the Saturday after Super Tuesday?

The five points I’ve listed above are not opinions; they are facts. They are conscious choices made during the political reality of the time by multi-millionaires like Hanks, Roach and Strong backed by one of the most powerful multi-national corporations on the planet. If there was any justice in the world, HBO would now have to register as a super PAC, and the corrupt mainstream media would treat it with the same contempt and foreboding it does any super PAC backing Mitt Romney or Newt Gingrich.

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    As commented on the original site:

    Instead of indicating that this was a film made from private investment which chose to focus of elements which were felt to be the best selling, the author chooses to label this piece as propaganda.

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