Gallup: Obama Tied with Bush as Least Popular Reelected President

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Scotty Starnes:


But…but..but…Bush was evil and Obama is the 2nd coming of Lincoln or something!

From Weekly Standard:

While the mainstream press routinely reports that President Obama is riding high and that Republicans are reeling, Gallup tells a rather different story about the popularity of our newly reelected president.  Across Gallup’s entire history of presidential job-approval polling — dating back to 1945 — every president but one has had a higher job-approval rating in the January following his reelection than Obama has.  No president has had a lower rating than Obama’s.

Gallup shows Obama’s average approval rating so far this January as being just 52 percent.  President George W. Bush’s average approval rating in January 2005, immediately following his reelection, was also 52 percent.  This can hardly be a source of satisfaction for Obama, who ran against Bush not once but twice — without Bush’s being on the ticket either time.

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