Egypt: Muslim Brotherhood Operating Torture Chambers For Morsi’s Opponents…

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If Egyptians thought Mubarak was brutal, wait until they see the violence Islamists are capable of.

Al-Masry Al-Youm spent three hours in total in the torture chambers established by the Muslim Brotherhood at the gates of the Ittihadiya Palace in the suburb of Heliopolis. The central torture chamber, which is located in front of the gate facing the Omar Ibn Abdel Aziz Mosque on al-Merghany Street, is secured with a cordon and iron barriers, where the Central Security Forces (CSF) prevent the access of any persons without the authorization of the Brotherhood.

We entered the chamber with a great difficulty, after a fellow journalist from the Misr 25 TV channel facilitated. The channel is owned by the Brotherhood. There are brigades and police officers in military uniforms, as well as others in civilian clothes from al-Nozha police station, who oversee the beatings, whippings and torture. Fifteen others from the group, distinguished by their strong bodies, are supervised by three bearded and well-dressed men who decide who will be in the chamber and who may leave, even if the person is a member of the Brotherhood.

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4 Responses to “Egypt: Muslim Brotherhood Operating Torture Chambers For Morsi’s Opponents…”

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    Nan G

    The original paper that exposed this news it the probably-soon-to-be-closed Egypt Independent.
    Note the specificity.
    The description of having to go by a Brotherhood checkpoint to LEAVE put me in mind of that old Nazi-comedy movie with Jack Benny, To Be Or Not To Be.
    Only in both the real-life Nazi occupation and now with ”the Brotherhood,” this is all too real.
    The journalist, Al-Masry Al-Youm, therefore, was taking his own life in his hands just trying to get this story.
    We’ve seen Egyptian bloggers, like ”the Sand Monkey,” arrested and beaten to near-death in the recent past.
    We know the Brotherhood can and will do it.
    An ex-pat Egyptian (well educated, speaks Arabic, French, English and one more) told me a new Arabic term for what the Brotherhood wants of ”the people.’
    They want all the people to be ”sedaqa*.”
    Sedaqa are people wholly dependent on handouts from those in power…..totally compliant with their rulers and with an ”I’m not worthy!” attitude.
    There are many who will not willingly become sedaqa for the Brotherhood:
    Coptics, many women, atheists, secularists, homosexuals, businessmen who rely on Western tourism and many in secular higher education.
    These groups will either leave, be purged by torture into death or submission or be allowed to slowly starve in their homes.
    Already roving bands of Brotherhood morality police are demanding compliance with a form of Sharia we don’t even realize exists.

    *No wonder so many autocratic Islamic states are so impoverished.
    The rulers see being entreprenureal as competition even on a small scale!

  2. 2


    Nan G
    thank’s for the info,
    oh my GOD, we can see how beaten they are, most are young people who where trying to better their lives in EGYPT, THEY TRY TO MAKE MORSI GO AWAY, BUT he has other ideas for them,
    that is terrible,
    and OBAMA ‘S FRIEND,

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