CNN Guest Says It’s Devilish to Use the Term ‘Illegal Immigrant’

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A CEO of a company dealing with Latinos went on CNN Friday morning and lambasted what he saw as the devilish way of dealing with illegal immigrants – calling them “illegal.” The guest, Charles P. Garcia, had also written an op-ed for titled “Imagine a Day Without a Mexican.”

“I think on our shoulder we have the proverbial angel, and we have the devil over here who’s dressed up as Wyatt Earp. And Wyatt Earp is the law man, and he uses the term illegal,” sounded Garcia, CEO of Garcia Trujillo.

While crusading against bigotry, Garcia then adopted a mocking “redneck” tone to impersonate the “Wyatt Earp” character he railed against. “They’re just a bunch of il-legal aliens, and they’re takin’ away our jobs, and they don’t pay taxes, and they’re free-loaders, and Martha, we should just build a thousand-foot wall,” he said imitating the “law man” side of the immigration debate.

Meanwhile, Garcia argued that one taking the angelic side of the issue would be a “good samaritan” to the immigrants.

He used his point “Imagine a Day Without a Mexican” to raise awareness of the positive impact illegal immigrants have on the American economy. The title certainly echoes the nationwide 2006 “Great American Boycott” where immigrants and supporters marched and boycotted schools and businesses to demonstrate the effect immigrants have on the nation’s workforce.

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Curt served in the Marine Corps for four years and has been a law enforcement officer in Los Angeles for the last 24 years.

5 Responses to “CNN Guest Says It’s Devilish to Use the Term ‘Illegal Immigrant’”

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    There is no such thing as an “illegal immigrant.” However, we do have quite a few illegal aliens here, people who have no intention of assimilating, but instead reside here physically while culturally and mentally continuing to reside in their home country.

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    Hard Right

    If there is no such thing as an “illegal immigrant” then drug dealers are “unlicensed pharmacists”.
    My mother was significantly injured by an illegal immigrant in a car accident. He had no insurnace. I have talked to too many others who have shared the same fate.
    I remember someone who would normally have been picked to support illegals ranting against them. While driving he was hit by an illegal alien who had no car insurance. His injuries were so significant he couldn’t work for 4 months. He lost his job, his car, and his place of residency. He also had significant debt due to his medical bills he was trying to pay off still when I met him. ILLEGAL immigration must be stopped.
    The left likes to pretend Republicans are against legal immigration since they have no other argument to suport illegal immigration. The fact is we support LEGAL immigration. I myself am the product of legal immigration ans whole heartedly support it. Having worked with legal immigrants I am in awe of their work ethic and decency.
    It’s another case where the left supports illegals to gain money , power, and puff up their egos.

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    Words have meaning. In this case, the accurate term IS “illegal”. They are not in this country legally, hence the illegality of it. Changing terms to something a person “feels” is less demeaning simply whitewashes the entire situation, and is meant only to hit a person’s emotion, creating the empathy for acceptance. When this happens, the laws become meaningless to that person, and when that happens, other laws follow, creating a situation whereby the issues are not discussed or argued over merits, but rather, on how people “feel”.

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    We do not have “illegal immigrants” in this country because they are not “immigrants.” In reality they are “illegal colonists.” They have no intention of assimilating; of adopting our customs and culture; of learning English. Instead they reproduce the culture they came from. Words have meanings. If we allow those supporting illegal colonization to set the terms of the debate, we lose.

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