CNN Concerned About Low-Voting Obama Counties

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Warner Todd Huston @ Big Journalism:

CNN was gobsmacked over a county in Texas that saw an extremely low voter turnout for Barack Obama in the last election. On the other hand, the cable network showed no interest in the Ohio and Pennsylvania counties that had zero votes for Mitt Romney.

On Friday, November 16, CNN aired an “expose” of sorts about the low Obama votes that occurred in King County, Texas and took their cameras south to find out why so few voters there wanted to vote for the President.

Correspondent Gary Tuchman and the CNN crew wanted to find out if everyone in King County were racist. All Mr. Tuchman’s questions were meant to elicit examples of the King County resident’s backwards attitudes and racism.

CNN was simply outraged that only 3.4 percent of King County’s voters thought well enough of Barack Obama to vote for him on Election Day. It was a travesty.

How could King Country have so few Obama voters? One might ask the same question about 68 precincts where Mitt Romney got zero votes. How is it even statistically possible for Romney to have gotten zero votes in that same election?

As it happens, 59 precincts in Philadelphia and 9 precincts in Cuyahoga County, Ohio had exactly zero votes for Mitt Romney. CNN even mentioned these anti-Romney counties at the tail end of its anti-Obama story. And what did they say about those anti-Romney counties?

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2 Responses to “CNN Concerned About Low-Voting Obama Counties”

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    Nan G

    I’m guessing that CNN was too scared to go to Utah where multiple precincts had no Obama votes.
    Zero, Zilch, Nada.
    But they also didn’t go to Maine where some rural precincts had multiple NEW black voters for Obama who had never been seen even once in those areas before that day.
    And who cannot be found after the election.
    But that’s not worthy of follow-up reporting.

  2. 2


    Why didn’t they mention the Ohio precinct that got 108 percent of registered voters to vote for obama? You would think that they would be bragging that up, and encourage others to shoot for 110 percent next time.

    When your are a propaganda machine, you try to figure out why your brainwashing isn’t working in some areas. The propaganda media are trying to refine their skills so they can reach that proverbial 110 percent goal people are supposed to give. The way they are going, some day they will get it.

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