Chicago pol who voted against concealed carry tries to conceal weapon onto plane

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A democrat, of course.

CHICAGO (Reuters) – An Illinois state senator running for former Democratic U.S. Representative Jesse Jackson Jr.’s seat in Congress was released on bond on Thursday, following his arrest for trying to bring a gun onto an airplane.

A Cook County judge set bail at $25,000 for Donne Trotter, 62, on the felony charge. Trotter, who has called the incident an honest mistake, posted bond and was released shortly afterward.

If convicted, Trotter could face a sentence ranging from probation to up to four years in prison, according to prosecutors.

Trotter, a Chicago Democrat, is a gun control advocate who once voted “no” on a measure that would have allowed state residents to carry concealed weapons in 1995.

Last week, Trotter joined the crowded field of candidates hoping to succeed Jackson, who resigned from Congress on November 21. Democrats hold a primary on February 26 to select their candidate in the heavily Democratic district, with the election on April 9,

Trotter did not comment after the hearing, but later told reporters outside his home that he planned to stay in the congressional race, according to a broadcast on the local ABC television network.

You can’t make this stuff up.

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    of course he’s staying in the race. unbelievable hypocrisy is a feature not a bug for liberal politicians.

    and it rarely ever has consequences.

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