Booker: I’m not afraid of law-abiding gun owners

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Ed Morrissey @ Hot Air:

Allahpundit included a portion of this argument from Cory Booker in last night’s QOTD, but the video is worth watching at more length.  The mayor of Newark and prospective US Senate candidate grabbed the panel’s attention by asking, ”I don’t know if anybody here has seen someone shot. I have.”  In all of the shootings in his city, Booker says, only one was perpetrated by “a law-abiding citizen who is mentally stable and who bought a gun.”  “I’m not afraid of law abiding citizens who buy a gun,” Booker declared, and called the entire issue “a false debate” (via JWF and Instapundit):

The Newark Star-Ledger followed up with a report on Booker’s surprising response, including his assertion that going after the guns of law-abiding citizens is the wrong approach:

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