Bill Whittle: America Has Become A Nation Of Cannibals

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Bill Whittle:

But when we wonder why people will vote for Socialism when people like us can see how evil it is and how ruinous it is well I think the answer is very simple. We are in that brief period in our nations history where people have voted Socialist while still living on the wealth created by previous generations of Capitalism. We’re consuming the last vestiges of our own once vast storage of wealth. We’re like starving people who cut off our own legs and roast them for dinner. We’re cannibals.

We’ve cannibalized the wealth of our nation, an unimaginable storehouse of the fruits of generations of freedom, ingeniuity, and hard work. It’s gone now. It’s been gone for many years. We eat it. We cannibalized our children’s entire working lives too, we eat all of our parents wealth and our own wealth and now we’ve eaten our children’s wealth too.

The men who landed on the moon and the men and women who helped get them there we’re the product of the greatest public education system in the history of the world. We’ve cannibalized that system too. We’ve eaten it from within. Progressiveness has fed on it, turned it into a husk of indoctrination with third world test results and they tell the children that graduate, and they will stay children for the rest of their lives, that they are the smartest most wonderful creatures that ever lived. We’ve cannibalized their innate ambition and ingenuity and especially their individuality and their adulthood.

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Curt served in the Marine Corps for four years and has been a law enforcement officer in Los Angeles for the last 24 years.

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    Nan G

    In Candide, Voltaire depicted this same thing in the France of his day as a group of starving people who agreed to eat only one buttock from each of them in turn until things turned around.
    So, it is not a new issue.
    Mankind has, once or twice, achieved a rational age, only to let rationality fade.
    The Greeks looked up to the rational thinker.
    But when the Romans enslaved them, their abilities became playthings.
    To usher in the European Age of Enlightenment grand thinkers had to stand trial in their Church.
    But rational thought eventually won the day.
    Then, more recently, feeling took precedence over thought.
    It certainly is easier.
    Even Obama, like so many Muslims in recent years, feigned ”offense,” when what he really meant was ”I have no retort.”
    Babies feel, thus the tantrums.
    Our youth are full-grown bodily but infants mentally.
    Tantrums always worked to get them anything they wanted from MOM.
    And it seems to be working on a national scale as well.
    We have 47% on the dole.

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    @Nan G:

    Nan, remember part of the 47% are seniors who were required to give the federal government their earnings in exchange for promises never meant to be kept. The Social Security system was, at its beginning, and remains, a ponzi scheme. FDR knew it. The Supreme Court new it. But Chicago politics won the day and SS was ruled Constitutional.

    So what now? A Ponzi scheme foisted on a nation racked with fear over the Great Depression, and accepted by the populace due to that fear, has proven what Hazlitt warned it would be; a burden too great to bear. And the rest? A population made soft by the efforts of the generations that came before them. They don’t know what Socialism really is, or how it is responsible for the deaths of millions, but it sounds good and as long as they can get their abortions and smoke their dope, why not? They don’t realize that when you sell your soul, it is the body that is taken first.

    I heard a line the other day that made sense to me; 25% of Americans want to be taken care of by a Nanny State, and 25% of Americans vote to let the first 25% be taken care of, thinking it will not really affect them. All it takes is 1% more, the issue voter, to tip the scales.

    I see nothing on the horizon that is promising for our nation. What happens when the 53% that pays the tab, decides to no longer do so? What happens when the 47% becomes the 55%, as seems to be the direction Obama is taking us? When wealth flees this nation like it has fled Greece, Ireland, Spain and France, then what?

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    And the rich national resources that would help support them are locked away.

    “I see nothing on the horizon that is promising for our nation. What happens when the 53% that pays the tab, decides to no longer do so? What happens when the 47% becomes the 55%, as seems to be the direction Obama is taking us? When wealth flees this nation like it has fled Greece, Ireland, Spain and France, then what?”

    We fall, that’s what. Like the WTC towers when the supports became too weak from the heat, we fall. And the collateral damage sucks the rest of the world into the New Dark Ages with us.
    And here I always thought that my nation would outlive me.

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    Just checked for it on you tube but did not find it. Paul Harvey in a followup and in the same tone as his famous – now come to pass – 1965 predictions voiced as “If I was the Devil” — in summer of 1967 at the height of the growth of the putred hippie generation —

    I heard a Paul Harvey disertation on “The Rip-off Generation” — those SOB’s are now in charge —

    Later in the 1970’s I ran into a lot of – aging hippies — and saw that they were for the most part from well off 1 or 2 child families – sometimes split up families — treading water – so to speak – waiting for the legacies.

    Death panels are awaiting for the rats — who seem to have gone thru life thinking they will be able to buy their way into or outta anything with daddies / mommies money — heh heh heh

    Batten down your hatches.

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    Is it cannibalism when union members working in private industry vote in the guy who wants to take away the wealth of the people who provide the work for them? Or is it just plain stupid?

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    oil guy from alberta

    If the Keystone Pipeline expansion does not go through, the oil companies will slow down the exploration due to reduced cash flows and I’ll pull back drilling rigs to Alberta. I purposely hire ex military types for rig crews. This will be lost and i will not return because of my age. Remember, one drilling rig has a job multiplier of thirty hires.Think about it.

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    Nan G

    Both, JG.
    But why limit the label of stupid cannibal to PRIVATE union members?
    Those in public employee unions are just the same.
    There is just more layers of padding between them and where their paychecks come from.
    But they are also killing the geese that lay those golden eggs.
    Look at Orange County CA where the lifeguard union is so overweight that they cannot afford any unionized full time lifeguards at all!
    They must hire part-time non-union kids to do the actual work.
    All the bulk of their budget goes to retired lifeguards, middle managers and maintenance of their stations!
    Multiply that by more and more departments in government each year.

  8. 11


    that’s what I heard on FOX about the 30STATES,
    I had heard before from one of our blogger there was also LOUISIANA AND NEW ORLEANS,

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