As The Trayvon Martin Walkbacks Threaten To Become A Stampede

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The medias walkbacks in the Trayvon Martin shooting case are piling up.

ABC News has pulled the plug on its breakthrough video showing an uninjured Zimmerman being taken to the police station.; their new, enhanced video “Shows Injury”.  Oops.  A local outlet had reported a chat with Zimmerman’s neighbor, who said George was bandaged and bruised.  Obviously, this supports Zimmerman’s self-defense story.  Or, if you prefer, it makes it harder for a prosecutor to overcome his self-defense claim.

NBC News is investigating their deplorable editing of a video in which they trimmed part of Zimmerman’s 911 call down to “This guy looks like he’s up to no good. He looks black.”  Oops.

And the NY Times has quashed the “Large Scary Man Chasing Helpless Child” meme with the news that Zimmerman weighed 170 pounds and Martin weighed 150.  Oops.

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Curt served in the Marine Corps for four years and has been a law enforcement officer in Los Angeles for the last 24 years.

6 Responses to “As The Trayvon Martin Walkbacks Threaten To Become A Stampede”

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    Nan G

    The weight difference is a big change from the original ”story.”
    And I, as a short person, always think about the REACH difference.
    What was the possibility of George Zimmerman landing a blow when faced with an opponent whose reach was several inches longer than his own?
    About zero.

  2. 2

    chicken thief

    I still don’t know what went down. With that said it is not out of the realm of possability that Zimmerman was sucker punched, fell onto his back and assaulted while on the ground. In which case size is not that critical. If the event was as clear cut as the media has proposed Zimmerman would be in jail as we speak. As an ex cop I feel safe in saying that the real circumstances of this shooting are muddled with the Zimmermann story being supported by the facts at the scene.

  3. 3


    Most of the msm signed on to the Obama election team some years ago. They have never vetted him. We know little about his early life. Nothing about his college years. No old girlfriends, boyfriends, teachers, neighbors, friends, or former roomates have come forward. It’s like the guy stepped off of a space ship circa 1990. No college grades, senior thesis, and there are serious questions about his birth certificate, draft registration, social security number…and a bunch of other things all Americans are supposed to have. The msm is not only not going to investigate this stuff…they are going to publically humble anyone who brings any of this up in public.

    The media has signed up for the duration…so I guess we gotta just get used to this. But the lies are new. They used to just omit stuff. Now they are actively lying to aid his narrative.

    I’ve been following campaigns since 1956 and have never seen anything like this.

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