“And we’re losing to these guys?”

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Jonah Goldberg @ NRO:

A Democratic senator hired an unpaid intern who was an undocumented immigrant but a documented sex offender. Apparently Senator Menendez needed an immigrant to do sex offending that Americans won’t do.

Meanwhile, Representative Jim Moran is “embarrassed” by the revelation that his voter-fraud-orchestrating son smashed his girlfriend’s face into a garbage can and pleaded guilty to assault. The girlfriend appears to be doing what she can to make the story go away. But don’t worry, the phrase “war on women” may still only be used to describe people who don’t want to pay for someone else’s birth control. No word if anyone on the left will be expressing their gratitude for the Violence Against Women Act for this.

Over in Michigan, defenders of the union protestors who tore down an Americans for Prosperity tent are heading toward trutherism, suggesting that it was all a set up, the canvas-and-rope equivalent of the Reichstag fire. No word yet if anyone is claiming the Jews inside the tent got advance notice.

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    In defense of Lib1’s “source”, it was a report from the Violence Policy Center.

    However, Lib1 added the part about the 8 out of the top ten being “red” states, and his statement doesn’t mean a damn thing. For one, the report doesn’t break down where in those states the murders were reported from, like urban versus rural. Nor does his statement reflect the fact that the top two were “blue” states, and that the murder rates in those states happened at a much, much higher clip than that of the 8 following them. Nor that out of the states with rates exceeding the national average, that roughly half are from “blue” states and half are from “red” states.

    His statement means nothing. As usual.

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    Hard Right

    Having been humiliated every time it tried to debate, lib#2 has to resort back to drive by attacks meant to antagonize and display it’s hatred and bigotry.

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