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Who Fathered ISIS?

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Trump has called Obama the “father of ISIS” and the media are salivating over apparent red meat. Especially when doubling down: “Last night you said that the president was the founder of ISIS,” said radio host Hugh Hewitt in a Thursday interview with Trump, the Republican presidential nominee. “I know what you meant. You meant… Read more »

By Michael Totten

Memorializing Our Fallen in Ramadi

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Why Ramadi matters: The fall of Ramadi is highly symbolic and of substantial strategic significance, despite the protestations to the contrary of Chairman of the U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Martin Dempsey. In a joint press conference with Defense Secretary Ashton Carter on April 16, Dempsey stated: “The city itself is not symbolic is… Read more »

Bush steadfast that removing Saddam was the right decision

Bush steadfast that removing Saddam was the right decision

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President Bush #43 has been in the spotlight to promote his new book on President Bush #41. In light of current events, of course we are all curious to know #43’s thoughts on the state of affairs in the Middle East. The normally reserved and classy former President, who has been reluctant to publicly criticize… Read more »


Pointless Terrorism

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The Cajun people of Louisiana are some of my favorite people; at one point in my life, I considered dropping out and joining this group of hard living hedonists, but my straight laced Mennonite indoctrination still had a tenuous hold on my morality. Nearly fifty years have passed since I lived with the Coonass people… Read more »

Boston Bombers Identified as Radical Islamists…One Dead, One Still At Large

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It all began last night: About 10:30, police received reports that a campus security officer at M.I.T. was shot while he sat in his police cruiser. He was found with multiple gunshot wounds, according to a statement issued by Middlesex Acting District Attorney Michael Pelgro, Cambridge Police Commissioner Robert Haas, and MIT Police Chief John… Read more »

Obama Starts Another Illegal War, Anxious To Win Another Nobel Peace Prize

Obama Starts Another Illegal War, Anxious To Win Another Nobel Peace Prize

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We are now engaged in another great illegal war, this one is in Yemen; relax, we are only killing Al Qaeda operatives and civilians, since Obama was elected with a 6% landslide margin and has the unflinching support of American Socialists, he is not bound by the usual rules that govern presidents. The war is classified so only the readers of the New York Times and Flopping Aces know about it; however, the relatives of civilians killed in the kinetic actions have probably put the pieces together. We are striking at militant leaders with armed drones and fighter jets, so in Obama’s unique definition of war and Nobel Peace Prize qualification, it narrowly misses being designated as a war, there is also a growing power vacuum in a nation we consider to be an ally.


The Taliban Prison Break…And It’s Aftermath

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Close to five hundred captured Taliban are now free once more to fight another day:

In one of the most elaborate prison breaks in recent Afghan history, the Taliban managed to free hundreds of inmates from Kandahar’s central prison in the early hours of Monday morning through a 1,180-foot tunnel.

US Army Meets With Afghan Elders in Kandahar Province

al-Qaeda and The Taliban Waiting Us Out In Afghanistan

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Bill Roggio updates the Afghanistan situation with some somber, but expected, news. Members of al-Qaeda are training the Taliban:

“We also have seen some indications that there have been foreign trainers that have come to train the local Taliban who are fighting here in Andar,”


Tony Blair Testimony To Iraq War Inquiry – The Influence Of Iran

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Former British PM Tony Blair testified in front of another Iraq inquiry today and for the second time this year he testified about the very real danger of Iran and al-Qaeda working together. Of course the storyline by the British papers, the biased MSM, and the lefty blogosphere, is regarding the regret offered by Blair over the loss of life:

Who are We Really Hurting by Burning the Qur'an?

Who are We Really Hurting by Burning the Qur’an?

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September 6, 2010 Afghans wave banners saying “Quran is our law, Islam is our religion” during a demonstration against the U.S. in Kabul. Hundreds railed against the U.S. and called for President Barack Obama’s death at the rally denouncing an American church’s plans to burn the Islamic holy book on Sept. 11. Musadeq Sadeq-AP As… Read more »