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A Tale of Two Professional Football Players

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One of the more enjoyable rituals from summers long past was an annual vacation that involved renting a house in Dewey Beach, Delaware for a week each year with a few friends.  Part of the week naturally included house members and our guest consuming enough alcohol over the course of our stay to kill an… Read more »


Qualities to Admire

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We lesser mortals look to others for inspiration, we call them heroes, but often, they just have extraordinary talent or a work ethic, and they happen to be in the right place at the right time. The movie by Ron Howard, “Rush” brought this idea of heroes a little closer to home for me. I… Read more »

This a**hole does not belong in professional football

This a**hole does not belong in professional football

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We’ve all seen some scumbags in football. Warren Sapp is one of them. Sapp crossed the field to cold cock Chad Clifton of the Packers who was nowhere near the play: Clifton was badly hurt and Sapp’s reaction showed him to be a complete ass. Then of course, there’s Ray Rice who knows how to… Read more »