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Hubris brings down another spacecraft

Hubris brings down another spacecraft

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Virgin Galactic joins the club. The United States has suffered the loss of two orbiters and crews- Challenger and Columbia. Both were most likely avoidable. The Challenger was lost in 1987 when politics overruled safety and it launched in weather far too cold, which impaired the ability of the O-rings in the solid rocket boosters… Read more »

It's time to put NASA out of its misery

It’s time to put NASA out of its misery

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I was absolutely thrilled by the advent of manned space exploration. It was an exciting time. I followed the program in minute detail. I still know the names of every Mercury astronaut and most of the Gemini astronauts as well. I can name virtually every crew of every flight right through Skylab and the first… Read more »


When Politicians Intervene: NASA’s Budget Refocusing Ends US Space Exploration Program [Reader Post]

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Some number of years ago, over twenty as I remember, the late (and IMHO great) Paul Harvey said that for every dollar spent at NASA, the return was seven dollars. So with that quote in my mind, the final Space Shuttle launch a few days ago, and Obama refocusing the NASA budget, I want to examine Obama’s NASA policy, as well as identify/review some of the daily benefits that we all derive from the NASA budget and space exploration.

Obama Set To Kill Manned Space Exploration

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Any surprise that Obama’s mediocrity rears its ugly head once again. This time by moving to kill the Constellation program, the program to get man on the moon…permanently, and then to mars… does he do it? As his Chicago upbringing has taught him Constellation aimed to build upon what was arguably America’s greatest technological achievement,… Read more »

The Mission To Mars

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We all know that the Global Warming zealots are a crazy bunch, they would destroy whole economies because of a .00010 increase in temperature.  Now they want to torpedo the man mission to Mars: A squeeze on funding for satellites to look down on the Earth’s environment at a time of growing need for research… Read more »