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Ever notice something is always left out of some crime reports?

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  Brian Moore is dead. He was shot in the face two days ago. Moore was 25 at the time of his death. Since joining the NYPD five years ago he made 150 arrests and was awarded two exceptional police service medals and two meritorious police service medals. Here is the ABC News account of… Read more »

A young prosecutor looks to make a name on the backs  of Baltimore cops

A young prosecutor looks to make a name on the backs of Baltimore cops

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  I fully expected some kind of charges to filed against the police officers involved in the Freddie Gray death but I was astonished at the array thrown at them. All Chief Prosecutor Marilyn Mosby left out was a charge of littering. •Officer Caeser B. Goodson, Jr. was charged with second-degree depraved heart murder, involuntary… Read more »

You won't believe this

You won’t believe this

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  Who knew? It’s is the darndest thing. I’ve just learned that I am a victim of white supremacy. The country has warmly embraced the actions of Toya Graham, who upon seeing her son participating in the Baltimore riots, let him know in no uncertain terms that he did the wrong thing. BALTIMORE — A… Read more »

The T in LGBT does not stand for tolerance

The T in LGBT does not stand for tolerance

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  What an interesting time in which to live. Great pleasure is taken in the growing acceptance of gay rights: The fight for marriage equality continues to dominate global headlines, but a new survey reveals a surprising divide on the acceptance of homosexuality around the world. Part of the Pew Research Center’s Global Attitudes Project,… Read more »

A Pretty Cowgirl in Jeans and Workshirt

Keeping up with Bruce

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I am not much of a TV man, but lately, I have been working many hours and it seemed like a good idea to sit with my significant other and watch a show. Surprise, surprise, the show was Bruce Jenner’s coming-out interview. I groaned inwardly, but knew I could rely on my ability to fall… Read more »


The Stupid….It Hurts! The Nation – ‘Men Have Abortions Too!’

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The stupid! It hurts! Who has abortions? For most of human history, the answer was obvious: women have abortions. Girls have abortions. Not any more. People have abortions. Patients have abortions. Men have abortions. “We must acknowledge and come to terms with the implicit cissexism in assuming that only women have abortions,” wrote feminist activist… Read more »


Qualities to Admire

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We lesser mortals look to others for inspiration, we call them heroes, but often, they just have extraordinary talent or a work ethic, and they happen to be in the right place at the right time. The movie by Ron Howard, “Rush” brought this idea of heroes a little closer to home for me. I… Read more »


Obama: Submission Accomplished

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Dhimmitude is the surrendering to and appeasing of Muslims. It is now the official foreign policy of Barack Obama. Obama is unable to use the terms Islamic and terrorism or extremism in the same sentence. It’s frustrating both the right and the left. “The idea that you’re tying outreach to terrorist activity is both offensive… Read more »