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At What Price Victory

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Nearly fifty years ago, during my tour of America on a Triumph motorcycle, I stopped at a Civil War Museum and burial ground for Civil War soldiers in Northern Alabama. I’ve been a student of history, and this seemed to be a curious part of America’s history.

The museum was run by the Daughters Of The Confederacy. A group that dedicated themselves to their work and the history of the Civil War Era. Their dedication to the memory of The Lost Cause or War of Northern Aggression and to the heroes of the Confederacy was awe inspiring if not a little frightening to a Canadian teenager. I paid to attend a formal history lesson and was barraged with a mass of history from the Southern perspective.


Hillary Tells Women To Cowboy Up

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Secretary of State Hillary Clinton told American women she is tired of listening to them whine; actually, she said she can’t stand them to hear them “whining.” If they had the wherewithal to marry a president, they could finagle jobs like Senator of New York and Secretary of State. Oh, but they are intent on making bad choices in life and then whining about those same bad choices.

Hillary knows about bad choices, as Secretary of State it is her responsibility for security for diplomatic posts like Benghazi. That whole thing went to Hell in a hand basket, but you don’t hear her complaining. Hell no, it is full speed ahead to the next disaster.


RIP USA…just another collapsing victim of the cult of liberalism? [Reader Post]

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Liberals perceive tax cuts as giving something to the rich. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Tax cuts allow the rich and poor alike to keep more of the money they earned rather than give it to nameless, faceless and largely unaccountable bureaucrats to distribute.


Hold The Presses, We’ve Found An Honest Democrat

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In this modern time, no one expects a Democrat to be honest, not the public, not the media, not Democrats, and especially not the Progressives and Liberals. Lying is the accepted modus operandi, every bit of news or public announcement from the Obama administration and its mainstream media is considered propaganda at best and often just a bald-faced lie. It’s no big deal; the public has accepted the fact that Obama lies as a matter of course. He is a liar and they love him for his arrogant manner of pretending people believe his lies.


Voter’s Remorse, Comedic Tragedy

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How many Americans are willing to look into the mirror and ask whether they should be on medication for being so gullible four years ago.

The real tragedies of life consume us in an inarticulate manner; at least, we feel that way, after feeling so stupid for walking into an obvious trap so blindly, to be hurt so crudely, by mindless acts so devoid of meaning, by people so utterly lacking in style, grace, and substance. Their vulgarity and credulity consumes us as if they are a brute force of overpowering barbarity; but in the final analysis, it is we who gave them this pretense of competent leadership by which they trapped us so securely. With dramatic effect we rage to express our indignation and outrage; sadly, the dry humor of this sad comedy mocks us; for we are the players or actors of this sublime tragic comedy and we have written our own script.


Harry Reid Still Whining About Taxes….Damn Those Rich Folks!

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Harry Reid is still bringing up Romney’s taxes. Here he is a few days ago:

Senate Majority leader Harry Reid tells George Knapp of KLAS his “source” is a “long time friend, a very wealthy person he’s known for 30 years who’s had business dealings with Bain Capital.” He told him Romney “hasn’t paid taxes like you and I for 10 years.” He adds, “he can’t give us his tax returns because it would be the end of his campaign for sure”

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It’s Time to Focus on Income Inequality in the United States [Reader Post]

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The selection of Paul Ryan as Mitt Romney’s running mate sent a powerful message – that the economy will be the key issue of this election. As I go back and forth arguing with my lefty pals we naturally disagree over what ails our economy. Their arguments are that we’re not doing enough to tax the wealthy and put it in the hands of our government to spread the wealth around and get our economy moving again. I always point out things like our trillion dollar debt, looming entitlements collapse, ever increasing regulation, and continuous threats of higher taxes from an economically illiterate president that are hurting our economy.

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Who Are You Calling an Extremist? [Reader Post]

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This might have happened recently or it might just be the “Frog in a pot of boiling water” effect, but the recent controversy around Chick Fil A and gay marriage made me notice how that debate fits into a bigger picture. I’ve read articles, seen blog posts, and seen tons of electrons spilled on Facebook1 over the Chick Fil A / Gay Marriage issue. I’ve noticed that a great deal of the leftist sentiment often uses carefully crafted language to define their opponents’ positions – “against gay rights”, “anti-gay”, or my personal favorite, “Extreme anti-gay”.


Nihilism In The Tea Party, The Oval Office, And The Supreme Court

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The Tea Party is probably the example of existentialist Nihilism you are the most familiar with; If we analyze the essence of the Tea Party, beneath the casual conversation, the existential Nihilism is undeniable. Even though the basic conversation is meaningless; it captures the spirit of nothingness and of insanity in its purest form. The Tea party says No, to God and denies humanity to feel the power of self. The insanity is present, but it is ignored by those who participate. In a certain respect, the Tea Party becomes the purest expression of Existentialist Nihilism. For the Tea Party labels all values as worthless, therefore, nothing can be known or communicated and it associates itself with extreme pessimism and a radical skepticism that has no loyalties.