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Tim Cook

Obama vs. Apple — The Road to Tyranny

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The ABC interview with Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook on Feb. 24, 2016, unintentionally revealed a CEO under siege, a CEO behind the eight ball, and a CEO who felt he had been betrayed by Obama. He had been double-crossed by a politician he had helped elect. Cook earnestly and effectively stated Apple’s quandary, nevertheless, he could not help but look like the deer in the head lights. He plaintively stated that he felt he should have received a heads-up from Obama.


Lady Macbeth Appearing in Oregon

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We have enjoyed depictions of morality and immorality for 2,500 years. Let’s face it, immorality excites us the most and the idea of women enticing virtuous men down the path of iniquity is a powerful story line. Eve with her apple and Lady Macbeth with her encouragements have been templates for the roles of women… Read more »

Real Science is What Matters

Science Versus the Ignorant Fools

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On Thursday, the state-directed media went ballistic when Scott Walker was asked his opinion of evolution. Unlike the majority of Americans and the entire liberal media complex, Scott Walker does not consider himself an expert on scientific problems he knows almost nothing about. The man who first described Quantum Physics, made this observation after a… Read more »


The Great Society and Freedom

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My name is Saul. I am a loyal member of the Great Socialist Society of America. My vocation or position in the Great Society is Transition Facilitator. I prepare people and help them transition to the next level of consciousness. The year is The Year of Our Great Socialist State 2075. We live in the… Read more »

Rand Paul is right. Vaccines can cause profound mental impairment. It happened in my family

Rand Paul is right. Vaccines can cause profound mental impairment. It happened in my family

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This morning on Morning Joe, resident smartass Mika Brzezinski took potshots at Rand Paul for something he said about vaccines. Paul was quoted as saying: Sen. Rand Paul’s blunt style led to a combative interview with a female reporter and controversial comments defending his insistence on voluntary vaccinations on Monday. During the interview, with CNBC’s… Read more »

A primer on how wealthy lefties profit from clean energy failures

A primer on how wealthy lefties profit from clean energy failures

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A couple of years ago the left wing blog Grist was wetting itself about the success of the Ivanpah solar power facility: Despite GOP jeers, BrightSource succeeds in solar Over the last year or so, Republicans have woven a tale of collapse and futility around clean energy. Each setback for the industry, each bankruptcy or… Read more »

Hubris brings down another spacecraft

Hubris brings down another spacecraft

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Virgin Galactic joins the club. The United States has suffered the loss of two orbiters and crews- Challenger and Columbia. Both were most likely avoidable. The Challenger was lost in 1987 when politics overruled safety and it launched in weather far too cold, which impaired the ability of the O-rings in the solid rocket boosters… Read more »


The Human Story as Told by DNA

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The story of mankind is essentially a story of migration and of reproduction of the species. In the past we relied on archaeological evidence and fossils to tell us of early man, but fossils are limited, because of the conditions required to preserve bone in a fossilized state. Most organisms, including man are preserved as… Read more »

It's time to put NASA out of its misery

It’s time to put NASA out of its misery

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I was absolutely thrilled by the advent of manned space exploration. It was an exciting time. I followed the program in minute detail. I still know the names of every Mercury astronaut and most of the Gemini astronauts as well. I can name virtually every crew of every flight right through Skylab and the first… Read more »

Eco-fascist bullying

Eco-fascist bullying

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Climate change skeptics are headed the way of Christians in Egypt and the left is readying the machetes and torches. Yesterday Harry Reid declared “Climate change deniers still exist. They exist, I’m sorry to say, in this Congress. … Climate change exists and it’s time to stop denying it.” That’s pretty clear. The skeptics must… Read more »