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Christmas is not going down without a fight from me

Christmas is not going down without a fight from me

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  A Charlie Brown Christmas first aired in 1965. I loved it back then and I love it today. It spoke from the heart of Charles Schultz, innocent and genuine. It offered a lesson in simplicity, in purity- a lesson of the heart. It was one of the early broadcast tales to nudge us into… Read more »

Get off my goddam American lawn

Get off my goddam American lawn

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  God bless Pam Geller, if you’ll excuse the expression. And screw you if you don’t. We’ve had it, and Pam Geller is the tip of the spear. Pam organized a “Draw Muhammad” contest in Texas. The winner of the contest was Bosch Fawstin, a Muslim apostate. He has interesting things to say about Islam:… Read more »

"Have yourself....a Muslim little Christmas...."

“Have yourself….a Muslim little Christmas….”

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Christmas. It’s not just for Christians, anymore. I recognize that Christmas is a Christian, religious holiday- I love that it is! That the “Christ” in “Christmas” belongs there, unmolested. But as a non-Christian who has grown up celebrating the rituals and trappings- Christmas tree, gift-giving and receiving, Christmas card writing, carols, etc.- I also regard… Read more »


Obama: Islam trumps the First Amendment

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In 2009, Barack Obama joked about using the IRS for purposes of retribution: And now we all see the result- it wasn’t so much of a joke as a promise. So, do you remember this Obama edict? The future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam. Apparently he meant that as… Read more »


Distorting a distortion: Depicting Muhammad in Art

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So is it true that the Prophet Muhammad really can’t be depicted in visual representation, even when done respectfully? The wiki short answer is:

The Islamic faith has strict injunctions against depictions of humans or animals which might result in idol-worship. Therefore there are no depictions of any person or animal.

With a historical caveat:

Pictures of Muhammad and Allah have been painted for time immemorial. Many paintings were made during the Ottoman Years of Muhammad, depicting his many actions and encounters with other folks of his time period. These pictures are often disputed as being counter to Muslim ideals, BUT often times these pictures were created by Muslims themselves. The ideal that pictures of Muhammad should not be created is a very modern ideal.