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Is America’s Foreign Policy and U.S. Military Interventionism the Cause for Homegrown Terrorists and the Global Jihad Movement?

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  The Intercept: A SECRET FBI STUDY found that anger over U.S. military operations abroad was the most commonly cited motivation for individuals involved in cases of “homegrown” terrorism. The report also identified no coherent pattern to “radicalization,” concluding that it remained near impossible to predict future violent acts. The study, reviewed by The Intercept, was… Read more »


Dominant Obama/Clinton Memes – You Are Racists and Sexists

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  In a continuation of her need to create division and hate within the Nation during Monday’s debate, Hillary Clinton blanketed all of America’s justice system and police departments as being infected with the mythical blight of racism.  Then she went on to claim that the affliction was systemic nationwide, so apparently we’re all racists. Clinton’s… Read more »

When are we going to ask Chelsea about her father "still d*cking bimbos at home"?

When are we going to ask Chelsea about her father “still d*cking bimbos at home”?

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  Desperate to smother the issue of Hillary Clinton’s physical debilitation and her “deplorables” remarks the media has take to slapping Ivanka Trump around with past quotes from her father. Interview implosions are not specific to cable news. Sometimes, they happen in print. In fact, when they do, it’s almost more shocking. Here’s a good… Read more »

How the press treated a white Republican vs how it treats a black democrat

How the press treated a white Republican vs how it treats a black democrat

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  Word posted a Most Wanted on this Friday,  but I want to expand on it because I am beyond angry. This is press bias at it ugliest. It doesn’t get any uglier. It is not just bias. It’s reverse racism and bias. The ugliness is the difference in how a white Republican got treated… Read more »


And you’re lecturing us about Trump?

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    The IRS has announced that it has opened an investigation into the Clinton Foundation “pay to play” schemes: The IRS confirmed in a letter it is looking into claims of “pay-to-play” practices at the Clinton Foundation, after dozens of Republican lawmakers requested a review of potential “criminal conduct” at the organization founded by… Read more »

Lord Haw Haw Prototypes no longer operate behind enemy lines

Our President, Chief Lobbyist and Apologist for ISIL

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The Obama Administration has taken lobbying for Islamic Extremism and the Islamic State to the point of absurdity and the FBI has joined the IRS in the role of an official political bureaucracy of the Democrat party. Attorney General Loretta Lynch revealed to Democrat mouthpiece Chuck Todd of NBC, the FBI will release edited transcripts… Read more »

Yes, Ben Rhodes is an a**hole, but so is his boss

Yes, Ben Rhodes is an a**hole, but so is his boss

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  Ben Rhodes has offered us four lessons 1. the press really is both lazy and stupid 2. the press acts as obama’s useful idiots 3. all of obama’s policies are likely based on deceit 4. Ben Rhodes is an a**hole and a liar Ben Rhodes is the deputy national security adviser for strategic communications for… Read more »

Bruce Springsteen: Asshat on the edge of town

Bruce Springsteen: Asshat on the edge of town

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  It’s been a long time since I was a Springsteen fan. Back in 1974 (April 29) at my alma mater, the University of Connecticut, there was a spring concert. Three bands were featured: a local band called Fairport Convention, a relatively unknown called Aerosmith and another largely unknown named Bruce Springsteen. It was quite… Read more »

Obama's Excellent Communist Adventure

Obama’s Excellent Communist Adventure

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  Obama landed in Cuba and then the fun exploded. First, he bows to Raul Castro:   Obama appears to try to put a wet one on Raul and Raul is having none of it:   Castro is strongly critical of the US and Obama “Personally Would Not Disagree” obama sends out a tweet to… Read more »