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Alexis Tsipras

The moochers won in Greece (Guest Post)

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Syriza, the neo-communist party led by Alexis Tsipras, has won the elections in Greece. The party is a collection of Marxists, Socialists, Maoists, Trotskyites and Greenies. In other words, Syriza is the party of the moochers. They oppose the austerity measures that the troika of the EU, European Central Bank and the IMF imposed on… Read more »


The Latest in the Left’s War on Women Is… Restricting Access to Birth Control Pills? (Guest Post)

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First off, technically the left isn’t trying to restrict access to birth control pills. But if they’re allowed to use the dishonest mental gymnastics of equating “access” to mean “forcing someone else to buy something for you” then I can take a few liberties with my post’s title to garnish some click bait. But that doesn’t… Read more »


We’re All Screwed Under Obamacare

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Great video explaining another reason why most everyone will be losing the health insurance, no matter how much you like it: What it comes down to is this. The bill that the democrats came up with, and voted for, says that all health insurance must fit within four different “bands”. Each band is based upon… Read more »


Even a Drunken 22 Year Old Can See the Problems with Medicaid Expansion (Guest Post)

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Many years back, shortly after graduating from college some buddies and I went out to a surf-bar themed club somewhere near Philly. I was wandering with my friend Maury and his buddy Parker1 when I came up with an ingenious idea. None of us had much money – I had just graduated while Maury and… Read more »

The new War in Iraq begs the question, can Obama ever manage to get out of his own way? (Guest Post)

The new War in Iraq begs the question, can Obama ever manage to get out of his own way? (Guest Post)

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The reignited war in Iraq is the latest result of a long string of incompetent decisions made by President Barack Obama. His premature decision to withdraw from Iraq left a power vacuum that the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIS) is happy to fill. ISIS is taking over Iraq with a speed and… Read more »


Is it Time to Raise the Voting Age? (Guest Post)

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The short answer to my question is, “No”. So why the title of this post? A while back I read a business article about some company president (I can’t remember the source now) who liked to stoke ideas in meetings by throwing out bad ideas to start a discussion and see what good ideas could… Read more »


Anti-Social (Guest Post)

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There is a good reason that socialism is not a good fit for Americans. We’re not very social. We have a history of isolationism due to our geography but more so due to the fact that our country is made up of cast outs and throw away peoples who left their homeland for freedom and… Read more »

Obamacare grandfathering rules were written AFTER the law was passed.

Obamacare grandfathering rules were written AFTER the law was passed.

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Adrienne’s Corner: Did Obama write the regulation to cancel your insurance after Obamacare was passed?… Rand Paul says he did. And the democrats (you know – the ones who claim they didn’t know anything about this) voted to keep the regulation that if your insurance changed in any way it would be cancelled. Why are… Read more »

hell obamas world

An Old Fart Looks at Hell and Finds Some Small Temporal Comfort (Reader Post)

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I am at the point in my life where the slow collapse into total uselessness has become undeniable and while I am not in imminent peril of shuffling off to meet my maker, I scrutinize and question my mortality with increasing frequency, encouraging the concept of a possible exile to Hell to often intrude into… Read more »

reid obamacare2

Reid Admits It….Single-Payer Was Their Intention All Along

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As I wrote about in my earlier post….the whole system was designed to fail and either lawmakers were too stupid to understand this or knew it from the beginning, and wanted it: From the administration’s point of view, conceding that key parts of Obamacare cannot be implemented isn’t a failure if the effect is to… Read more »