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The Today Show ambushes Sarah Palin

The Today Show ambushes Sarah Palin

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  Once again Matt Lauer and Savannah Guthrie proved themselves to be the left wing slime buckets I regard them to be. This morning they hosted Sarah Palin on the Today Show ostensibly to talk about her endorsement of Donald Trump. Now see how this is portrayed by the author Stump: Sarah Palin joined TODAY on… Read more »

"The most dishonest 3 1/2 minutes of television, ever."

“The most dishonest 3 1/2 minutes of television, ever.”

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“I believe in American exceptionalism, just as I suspect that the Brits believe in British exceptionalism and the Greeks believe in Greek exceptionalism.” –President Obama America. The indispensable nation. The last best hope. Last week: Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump was asked by a reporter on Thursday whether or not America is “great.” Trump’s campaign… Read more »

If Trig stood on a fetus instead of a dog liberals would be thrilled

If Trig stood on a fetus instead of a dog liberals would be thrilled

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From the “Mountain out of a Molehill” files comes the story of how outraged the left is over the picture of Trig Palin standing on the family dog. “OUTRAGEOUS!” scream the ninnies on the left: “It’s odd that anyone — let alone a mother — would find it appropriate to post such a thing, with… Read more »


The Liberal War on the Palins

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No liberally-biased media, of course. I guess the concern over violence against women from those on the left doesn’t happen when you’re a Palin. Noah Rothman at Hot Air: The overwhelming sense of superiority some in the press feel toward the Palins simply clouds their better judgment. Costello would surely see the error of her… Read more »

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The a**holes of “True Blood” fail in effort to embarass Sarah Palin

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“Republic*nt” That’s how liberals view women, especially Hollyweird liberals. “True Blood”, the perversely sex-soaked bacchanalia masquerading as a vampire show on HBO that Caligula could have written, tried to lure Sarah Palin into compromising herself on the show: Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin rejected overtures from True Blood’s producers for a cameo role on the… Read more »

Worse Than Carter...Obama Has Made The United States A True Paper Tiger

Worse Than Carter…Obama Has Made The United States A True Paper Tiger

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Yup, that’s Russian tanks invading Ukraine. A country we promised to defend in case this sort of thing happened…signed by the Democrats favorite Bill Clinton: Bill Clinton, John Major, Boris Yeltsin and Leonid Kuchma – the then-rulers of the USA, UK, Russia and Ukraine – agreed to the The Budapest Memorandum as part of the… Read more »


Preaching to the Choir (Reader Post)

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There are numerous CONSERVATIVE web sites to which we can turn for the truth, the unedited story. Such web sites as Flopping Aces do a tremendous job of disseminating our thoughts, perspectives, and opinions. They provide facts that allow us to form our opinions based upon the complete story. Unlike most of the MSM. There… Read more »


NOW, MSNBC, Obama: Hypocrisy on Parade (Reader Post)

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Governor Sarah Palin, on Saturday, November 9, 2013, compared the ever increasing national debt to slavery. Palin said: Our free stuff today is being paid for by taking money from our children and borrowing from China. When that money comes due – and this isn’t racist, but it’ll be like slavery when that note is… Read more »

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The REAL Civil War In The Republican Party

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The NYT’s, that bastion of unbiased reporting…cough, has a story today entitled “Divisions in G.O.P. Are Laid Bare on First Day of Conservative Conference”. The largest annual gathering of Republican activists began here Thursday with appearances by rival presidential hopefuls offering their party starkly different paths back to prominence — and diagnoses of what ails… Read more »


A Wild Evening At Comanche Station

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The Voyage of Discovery, led by Lewis and Clark in 1803, took three years to travel to the West Coast and back. There was a desire to shorten the time for continental travel and mail delivery; the stage coach was the logical choice, but the logistics were almost overwhelming. There would need to be blacksmiths, harness makers, drivers and conductors, and many way stations. Horse feed was an overwhelming problem; horses need a minimum thirty pounds of forage a day to maintain their health. When hundreds or thousands of horses are using the same limited pasture, the natural graze begins to disappear. Yet the relentless stream of coaches continued to arrive at way stations, looking for fresh well-fed horses and possibly a hot meal.