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Trump Making Liberals Lose Their Civility, Again

Trump Making Liberals Lose Their Civility, Again

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If Donald Trump has brought out the worst in conservatives, he’s also brought it out in the left-wing of American politics. When anti-Trump protesters (who claim to be supporters of 1st Amendment rights) show up at Trump rallies to disrupt, shutdown, and verbally and physically assault Trump and his supporters, they not only make themselves… Read more »

Conservatism, Health, And Common Sense

Conservatism, Health, And Common Sense

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Conservatives traditionally resist government intrusion into the home and personal lives of American citizens: Liberals tend to welcome the guiding hand of government into every facet of modern life. This is one of the fundamental differences between Liberalism and Conservatism. During the GOP Debate, Rep. Bachman called Governor Perry on his issuance of an executive order in 2007, requiring all girls in Texas to receive Gardasil unless a waiver was signed by her parents. Gardasil by Merck, prevents infection of the more common strains of human papilloma virus. These particular viruses, once established, can initiate, as well as cervical, anal, vulvar, and vaginal cancers. The vaccine Gardasil prevents the infection and consequently prevents the associated diseases.

The "One Nation" Rally - Less People, More Hatred & Lots Of Trash

The “One Nation” Rally – Less People, More Hatred & Lots Of Trash

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Lots of hilarious number fudging by the liberals since yesterday’s “one nation” rally with the nutcase Ed Schultz in charge. They really really hoped for a large turnout: Noting that they began planning their rally in April, organizers said they were not responding to a march organized by Glenn Beck, which drew enormous crowds to… Read more »

Glenn Beck, Alexander Solzhenitsyn, and Jeremiah [Reader Post]

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Love him or hate him, Glenn Beck is a force to be reckoned with, and a major game changer in American Politics.  Not since Alexander Solzhenitsyn (Harvard Commencement Speech), has any significant secular person had the guts to stand in front of America and preach what Beck preached:  “American must return to God.” Over a… Read more »

Rest In Peace Frank McDermott - WW2 Veteran and American Sheepdog

Rest In Peace Frank McDermott – WW2 Veteran and American Sheepdog

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Today I received heartbreaking news from Rich Davis informing us that a fellow Sheepdog and World War 2 Veteran, Frank McDermott, had suddenly passed away on Saturday, July 31st: Frank loved the troops, past and present, and would often get misty-eyed talking about the ones that didn’t come home. He always had 2 American flags… Read more »