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Charlie Rose becomes Hillary's campaign spokesman and Chris Wallace screws up

Charlie Rose becomes Hillary’s campaign spokesman and Chris Wallace screws up

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  CBS This Morning was on the screen (I almost said “tube”) this morning and I watched an exchange between Charlie Rose and John Dickerson.  Rose introduced the topic as Marco Rubio being the latest GOP candidate  to “run into trouble” this morning over his comments about the Iraq war. There clearly is a herd mentality out… Read more »

The clusterfrak that is the immigration bill

The clusterfrak that is the immigration bill

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The Senate immigration bill has morphed into a monster of grotesque characteristics. It is a clusterfrak. The difficulty in describing the bill is finding anything right with it at all. The bill was already questionable when two GOP Senators apparently suffered brain seizures and inexplicably added an Amendment that could have been written by Nancy… Read more »

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The REAL Civil War In The Republican Party

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The NYT’s, that bastion of unbiased reporting…cough, has a story today entitled “Divisions in G.O.P. Are Laid Bare on First Day of Conservative Conference”. The largest annual gathering of Republican activists began here Thursday with appearances by rival presidential hopefuls offering their party starkly different paths back to prominence — and diagnoses of what ails… Read more »


CPAC 2013….Some Great Speeches From Rising Conservative Stars

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These are all great speeches that should be viewed in their entirety. These are all exciting new rising stars of conservative ideals. I may not agree with some of the specifics from each conservative, ie. Paul on foreign policy, but the over riding message was not about a “transformation” of this great country that Obama… Read more »

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Republican ‘Old Guard’ Rips Into Rand Paul

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The old guard….that old guard that gave us McCain and Romney to sacrifice at the altar of Obama, knowing full well they would lose….is at it again pulling out the knives and placing them into the backs of the new guard. The guard that has actual idea’s, that actually has courage, that is willing to… Read more »

Destroy Marco Rubio

Destroy Marco Rubio

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Barack Obama’s 2012 Presidential campaign was described succinctly in this term: “Destroy Mitt Romney” Never mind ideas or themes. Just destroy him. Thanks to the left’s intellectual deficit, it worked. Thing is, it’s not over. There’s always someone new in the GOP to destroy and today it’s Marco Rubio, despite the pleadings of David Ignatius… Read more »


Conservatives, Our Battles Are Only Beginning

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Victory is within sight, an incompetent Marxist can’t keep from making monumental errors and the economy continues to tank. For all our efforts to defeat the Obama Myth, we could hardy keep us with his misadventures and determination to defeat himself. Consequently, Americans have grown weary of empty promises and dubious claims of recovery.


Donald Trump The Fraud

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I’ve been amazed at some of the support given to Donald Trump from readers and Republicans throughout the country. The man is a joke people. A complete and utter sham. Stop wasting precious time and support for this fraud.

A new poll supposedly shows that he is leading the pack….not so fast:


Shocking! MSM Ignores Leading Democrat Instructing Other Democrats On How To Spin Media

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Remember JournoList? That email list consisting of various liberal MSM members who conspired to get a certain message across to readers and/or viewers? That list is now supposedly defunct but you have to wonder, especially when news of Chuck Schumer’s remarks during a conference call are all but ignored by the MSM. He was overheard briefing fellow Democrat lawmakers how to belittle and denigrate conservatives.

Jennifer Steinhauer from the Times was one of the few to write a few syllables on it: