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The Left’s Dirty Secret – They Hate You. Yes, YOU. (Part 4 of 5)

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One of the more maddening elements of our political debate is how both sides view the individual, and how they treat them. Conservative ideals are based on individual responsibility, and in turn the state showing respect for that individual. On the flip side, as we saw in our last chapter, the Radical Left despises the… Read more »

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Libya- Hillary’s gift to ISIS. Now the JV team has chemical weapons

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  Obama’s favorite JV team has chemical weapon and a new home in which to grow, courtesy of Hillary Clinton. In testimony before the Armed Serves Committee DNI James Clapper confirmed that ISIS has produced and used chemical weapons. The nation’s top intelligence official confirmed Tuesday that the Islamic State has succeeded in making and… Read more »


Gloria Steinem puts the Feminist Movement to death

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  The feminist movement is dead. It died at the hands of Gloria Steinem. Cause of death was political strangulation. Gloria Steinem had made a name for herself for purporting to be a voice for women’s rights beginning in the 60’s and 70’s. She was an icon for women for a long time but has… Read more »


Being a Leftist Means never having to Say You’re Sorry (3 of 5)

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What may be the most appealing thing about being a leftist is that you can never be wrong – ever. As we learned from our last post, leftist ideas never fail because their only objective is to make leftists feel good about themselves. If their ideas appear to fail, it is always someone else’s fault… Read more »

Hillary has a planned fundraiser with....BAIN CAPITAL?!?

Hillary has a planned fundraiser with….BAIN CAPITAL?!?

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Bain Capital. Remember Bain Capital? 2012 ring a bell? Here, let me help: Rolling Stone: Greed and Debt: The True Story of Mitt Romney and Bain Capital Washington Post: The two faces of Mitt Romney and Bain Capital Stink Progress: Romney’s Bain Capital Made Billions While Bankrupting Nearly One-Quarter Of The Companies It Invested In New… Read more »

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Bernie wants a socialist revolution? Why don’t we review how socialist revolutions have gone!

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    Well, you know, we might not end up where you want….. Bernie Sanders is talking up a new revolution. A new proletarian revolution. Let’s review how these have fared over the years.     Russia: Ended up in a totalitarian state. Millions were murdered.     Cuba: Ended up in a totalitarian state…. Read more »


The Left Has Two Huge Advantages, and I Have No Idea How we Overcome Them (Part 2 of 5)

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*** Update – Welcome, Instapundit readers! *** Back when Sister Babe was pregnant with Little Bob, we had a conversation about how our lives would be changing once we became parents. One concern she raised was that I would no longer be able to go to the (sadly, now closed) Rhino Bar on Sunday afternoons… Read more »

Hillary's ridiculousness is approaching critical mass

Hillary’s ridiculousness is approaching critical mass

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  With each passing day, Hillary’s stories become more and more ridiculous. Approaching critical mass, in fact. At some point, she’s going to blow up. Clinton’s stories continue to evolve. In 2007 having a secret email account was “shredding the Constitution.” Back on March 10 of last year, there was no classified information on her… Read more »


How can The Left Call Conservatives Anti-Science When they Are So Violently Anti-Math? (Part 1 of 5)

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“Proof is for mathematical theorems and alcoholic beverages. It’s not for science.” – Mann Washington Posts’s Steven Mufson and Joby Warrick gave a glowing account of President Obama’s warnings on Climate Change: “The growing threat of climate change could define the contours of this century more dramatically than any other,” Obama said in a speech… Read more »

If you can't prosecute Hillary Clinton, then you can't prosecute Edward Snowden

If you can’t prosecute Hillary Clinton, then you can’t prosecute Edward Snowden

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  “Names of all US foreign covert operatives found on Hillary Clinton non-secure email server. ‘They weren’t marked classified at the time’ says Clinton.” Just waiting to see that headline. Hillary Clinton’s entire life has been one of abusing the rules. She and her louse husband truly believe they are not bound by the same… Read more »