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Mr. President, you are a goddam liar.

Mr. President, you are a goddam liar.

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  Barack Obama is a fundamentally dishonest man. I have stated here repeatedly that I believe him to be a sociopath– not unlike Frank Underwood in House of Cards and I am more convinced of it every time Obama speaks. His endless lying about the ACA is the stuff of legend but what really stands… Read more »

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New HUD Directive to Transform Neighborhoods is a Great Opportunity for… Conservatives?

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HUD has a new directive planned to fundamentally transform where we live. To rehash what Skook had to say about this last week. HUD has determined or more correctly, Obama has determined the reasons for the high rates of failure among urban minorities are hidden within the five arbitrary numbers of their Zip Codes; change… Read more »


Crimes Committed by Illegal Aliens Bring up the Question – Why Do Republican Politicians Bother to Exist?

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  Help us out here, Republicans. Many of us want to support you, we really do. We worked to hand you majorities in both houses of Congress and you rewarded your constituents by letting the president run his extremist agenda all over you. This was just capped off with finding a way to cave on… Read more »

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How bad is this deal?

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  Worse than you thought. A lot worse. Let’s highlight the lows. 1. No anywhere, anytime inspections? But you promised! Ben Rhodes, way back in what- April 6? Rhodes also claimed the new arrangements ensure “anytime, anywhere” inspections of any and every Iranian facility — contradicting complaints by Israel that no such provision is guaranteed…. Read more »


When Will Republicans Stop Treating the Press Like they’re Journalists? Hillary Gets It.

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Over the Independence Day weekend the Bob Family was visiting Grandma and Grandpa Bob for a few days. One piece of good timing that came of it was that I got to see on Fox News cuts of Megyn Kelly’s recent interview with Mitt Romney (The Bob household “Cut the cord” over a year ago)…. Read more »

The difference between how the NY Times treated Hillary Clinton vs HW Bush

The difference between how the NY Times treated Hillary Clinton vs HW Bush

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  Remember the fable of George HW Bush and the supermarket scanner? Here’s how the NY Times described it back then: ORLANDO, Fla., Feb. 4— As President Bush travels the country in search of re-election, he seems unable to escape a central problem: This career politician, who has lived the cloistered life of a top… Read more »


A Rather Different Kind of #LoveWins

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Like anyone who uses the web, I’ve noticed that ads that show up on pages I browse seem to target me based on some personal information, whether demographic or based on the sites I’ve visited. Who hasn’t gone to Amazon to browse or buy a specific product and then see ads for it on completely… Read more »

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Exactly when did the Confederate flag become a racist symbol?

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  What day was it? What year? I can’t help wondering, especially as the old hag from Northern California worth $100 million who employs non-union illegal aliens for her Napa winery has tried to “ambush” the GOP with a resolution pushing the removal of the Mississippi state flag from the Capitol. So when did it… Read more »

"Help me, Dad": A daughter dies needlessly in San Francisco because Obama's illegals "trump" the safety of Americans

“Help me, Dad”: A daughter dies needlessly in San Francisco because Obama’s illegals “trump” the safety of Americans

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  The account of Kate Steinle’s death is gripping and sad. He recalled: ‘We walked down to the Embarcadero and had lunch at a place called Perry’s. We walked over to the ferry building and Kate wanted to go into one of the stores there to check on some pottery items she’d ordered. ‘We walked… Read more »