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The Myth of George Bush's "Go it Alone" Policy & Cowboy Diplomacy

The Myth of George Bush’s “Go it Alone” Policy & Cowboy Diplomacy

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John Kerry once referred to the nations who George Bush built into Coalition partners for Operation Iraqi Freedom as the “Coalition of the coerced and the bribed” and “window dressing”. Marc Thiessen in yesterday’s WaPo on “I was against it before I was for it” John “Global Test” Kerry: When John Kerry ran for president… Read more »


Media ‘Stunned’ At Lack Of Control In Libya After Ghaddafi’s Fall

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Shocking! Yeah, no-one-saw-this-coming-at-all. Libya, where hundreds of militias hold sway and the central government is virtually powerless, is awash in millions of weapons with no control over their trafficking. The arms free-for-all fuels not only Libya’s instability but also stokes conflicts around the region as guns are smuggled through the country’s wide-open borders to militants… Read more »


John Kerry’s Global Warming Alarmism Is Flat Wrong

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In 2006 Al Gore said we have 10 years until: global warming may soon lead to catastrophic sea level rises, which could inundate cities such as New York (flooding the former site of the World Trade Center), producing scary nonlinear runaway spasms of extreme weather (bigger, badder hurricanes and typhoons), global pandemics and, depending on… Read more »

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The Iran deal misleads (Reader Post)

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The deal is a bluff. Egos trying to establish legacy; just like Clinton/Albright/Carter with their Sunshine Policy*** that lead to N.Korea going nuclear. Which was a glaring mistake of foreign policy (and a reason why I went political). Instead of the light water reactor that N.Korea got, tax payers bequeathed “Iran will also receive access… Read more »

Kerry ultimatum: Assad has one week before we unleash an "unbelievably small" attack

Kerry ultimatum: Assad has one week before we unleash an “unbelievably small” attack

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John Kerry is still out there beating the drums for war. He is growing increasingly frustrated as no one is buying his spiel. The situation has degraded into a tragic comedy. Kerry issued Assad an ultimatum. Hand ‘em over in one week or we attack: The US secretary of state has said that President Bashar… Read more »


Selling Our Military

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Secretary of State John Kerry has told us the cost of another war is irrelevant, Saudi Arabia is willing to pick up the tab for our Syrian war. Obama and Kerry must think this version of a no-cost war will appeal to the conservative base, whose primary analysis always includes the balance sheet. However, the… Read more »

Meet Obama's new friends in Syria

Meet Obama’s new friends in Syria

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photo: NY Times The NY Times today: Brutality of Syrian Rebels Posing Dilemma in West The Syrian rebels posed casually, standing over their prisoners with firearms pointed down at the shirtless and terrified men. The prisoners, seven in all, were captured Syrian soldiers. Five were trussed, their backs marked with red welts. They kept their… Read more »

I remember another time John Kerry testified about atrocities he never witnessed

I remember another time John Kerry testified about atrocities he never witnessed

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Deja Vu A few days ago John Kerry had some stern words: The Obama administration toughened its tone toward President Bashar al-Assad’s regime with US Secretary of State John Kerry making it clear that the US is considering possible military action over the regime’s alleged chemical weapons use. Employing his strongest language yet, Kerry said… Read more »


George W. Bush was right about Syria and Obama, Pelosi, Kerry, and Clinton were all wrong

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Bashar Al-Assad is what he is today thanks to democrats- specifically Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, John Kerry and Nancy Pelosi. George W. Bush has never been a fan of Assad. Bush had been trying to isolate Syria since 2005, believing it was up to nefarious activities but democrats knew better. In 2007 then-Speaker of the… Read more »

We have to bomb Syria to find out what's in it

We have to bomb Syria to find out what’s in it

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For some time Barack Obama has been issuing some powerful dictates. Mubarak must go. Gadaffi must go. Assad must go. Obama has taken on the role of Supreme World Ruler, deciding who should be deposed and when. But then a year ago Obama uttered some words that have become infamous. He drew a figurative red… Read more »