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John Boehner has to go

John Boehner has to go

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Obama shows off his new puppet   It was the most curious of spectacles. John Boehner, abandoning everything he claimed his stood for, has been reduced to an Obama hand puppet. That stench is the smell of Boehner hypocrisy. Boehner was instrumental in getting passed Obama’s Transpacific Authority and it has consistently been cloaked in… Read more »

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Pelosi’s b*tch

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  This is just so depressing. When democrats ran all of the government, they kicked Republicans’ asses all over the place. Now that the GOP controls the House and the Senate, democrats are still kicking Republican asses all over the place. Speaker John Boehner announced that the House will vote Tuesday on the Senate’s bill… Read more »

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Hypocrites…Democrats ‘Overjoyed’ With Boehner’s Invitation To The Pope To Address Congress

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Obama and pals have been quite upset over the invitation by House Leader John Boehner to the Israeli Prime Minister to address a joint session of Congress. They have insisted it wasn’t because of the bad blood between this Administration and Israel but because ‘proper protocol’ wasn’t followed. Boehner should of told the White House… Read more »


Boehner Gets It Right…Invites Netanyahu To Address Congress In Response To Obama’s Iran Lies

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Every so often Boehner gets it right. One of the many lies told by Obama last night during his SOTU address was this one: Our diplomacy is at work with respect to Iran, where, for the first time in a decade, we’ve halted the progress of its nuclear program and reduced its stockpile of nuclear… Read more »

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Flopping Aces Was Right About Boehner, Now There’s Evidence That America Agrees (Guest Post)

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Curt wrote “Boehner Plans Amnesty Sellout To Pelosi” on 1 Dec 14. Vince wrote “Surrender: Why does anyone ever vote for the Republican Party – at least one run by Boehner & McConnell?” on 14 Dec 14. And Curt wrote “Floor Drama: Boehner Embarrassment As House Nearly Kills Omnibus On Procedural Vote” on 11 Dec… Read more »


Impeachment? Lawsuits? Why bother? (Guest Post)

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Oh Republican Party, why do you bother to exist? Speaker Boehner is ready to file a lawsuit against President Obama over his unwillingness to uphold the laws he took an oath to uphold. We’re hearing Sarah Palin lead a (thankfully) few voices from the right calling for impeachment (Which Boehner recently quelled). And yes, I… Read more »


Boehner Growing A Backbone? Eh, Not Likely….

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Bout time he gets pissed off: “he has been President for five and half years, when’s he going to take some responsibility for something?” I like Allah’s answer to Boehner’s question: “Next month, if we get another good jobs report.” Then there’s this: House Speaker John Boehner outlined his strategy Thursday for pursuing a lawsuit… Read more »


When friends become foes (Guest Post)

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You know that you’ve really messed up when your enemies aren’t the only ones who are attacking you, but now those you called “friends.” Yeah, good ole John Boehner now is taking heat from his base, and by base I mean the obnoxious fringe element of the Republican Party. I’m talking about ever loud mouth… Read more »


Boehner Emboldens Reid To Pursue Nuclear Option (Reader Post)

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Harry Reid (D-NV) and his Democrat Senate majority on Thursday, November 21, 2013, executed the “nuclear option” to eliminate the filibuster for executive branch and judicial nominees. The nuclear option does not apply to Supreme Court nominees. Reid said, “Republicans have routinely used the filibuster to prevent President Obama from appointing his executive team or… Read more »

John Boehner again moves to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory

John Boehner again moves to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory

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Why does Boehner insist that the GOP be a loser forever? The longer Obamacare is around, the less popular it becomes. As many as 50 million Americans are going to lose their health care plans, like them or not. Barack Obama is a proven liar. democrats are jumping ship. The USS Obama is sinking. So… Read more »