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obama: "when you vote, you are a citizen"

obama: “when you vote, you are a citizen”

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  I told you this was coming. In February of 2015 I warned that obama would have illegals voting in this country. This administration has granted illegal aliens more rights and privileges than American citizens have, including being able to collect back tax credits without having to have paid any taxes. Biden says illegals are… Read more »

Indiana-State Seal 1

2008 Election Fraud With New Life?

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The blatant application of political pressure applied through powerful government bureaucracies such as the IRS, is arrogant abuse of power in the extreme. Obviously. These proven abuses now provide us very fresh perspectives on other fraudulent manifestations of National import perpetrated by an immoral political machine whose genealogy is rooted in Chicago. A major such event… Read more »


Won’t you go home, Bill Daley, won’t you go home? [Reader Post]

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Charlie Gasparino tells us why Daley left and what it means: a hard left turn.

The announcement that Bill Daley will step down as President Obama’s chief of staff is further proof that as the 2012 election approaches, Obama is embracing his inner leftist on anything touching the economy. The administration has moved so far left that even one of the country’s most prominent Democrats can’t fit in.


Obama’s plan to steal the election of 2012 [Reader Post]

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Or, why Eric Holder will remain in office until 2013 at least.

A pair of articles from the Washington Times make clear that the White House has a plan for the 2012 election, and that is to guarantee victory for Obama regardless of the outcome of the vote. A large part of it depends on Eric Holder and his continual bastardization of the law.


SEIU’s Dummies’ Guide to Intimidation [Reader Post]

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In the Washington Times F. Vincent Vernuccio describes the disclosure of an “intimidation manual” created by the SEIU.

In the past decade, unions have become increasingly desperate to obtain new dues-paying members. An example of how desperate can be found in a 70-plus-page intimidation manual from the Service Employees International Union (SEIU), which only recently came to light in a pending court case.

The USS Stark (FFG 31) burns and lists to port on 18 May 1987, one day after the guided missile frigate was struck by two Iraqi-launched Exocet missiles. The attack killed 37 sailors.

Don't Be A Dissatisfied Customer Of Goldman Sachs, Obama Might Just Light You Up

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The New Sovereign Investment Fund of Libya or of Colonel Qaddafi, there is no distinction in the money funds of Libya or Qaddafi, invested $1.3 Billion with Goldman Sachs; the bank used the funds on stock options at a variety of international banks and a collection of currency bets. Two years later, the Libyan fund had lost 98% of its value and was worth only $25.1 million.

Officials of Libya’s sovereign wealth fund were upset with Goldman Sachs and accused them of malfeasance; mainly, for making trades without authorization and misrepresenting investment deals.

Shredding Constitution

Liberal attempts to abolish Electoral College takes back door route thru State Legislatures

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Just as every Christmas brings the same tired argument over nativity scenes, Christmas trees and Santa Claus, every election cycle brings forth a fresh attempt to ignore the Constitutional establishment of the Electoral College, and allow the city centers to run roughshod over rural Americans. The 2012 election is no different, but it does bring a fresh approach to the age old problem of a “popular vote” Presidential election… by having the state legislators pass a law, obligating their EC votes to the national popular vote winners.


Hoosiers Flip Obama The Bird Over Immigration

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The Senate of Indiana has passed an immigration bill that is similar to Arizona’s measures against illegal immigration, amid protests from some of the largest employers and business groups. By a vote of 31 – 18 the measure was passed by the Senate and now must pass the House of Representatives. The bill will allow… Read more »