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democrats in full revolt against their leadership

democrats in full revolt against their leadership

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Earlier this year it became clear that democrats would be running away from Obama as the election neared: Vocal opposition to the administration’s policies has been another tactic used by Democrats. In his post-speech comments, Arkansas’s Mark Pryor criticized the president for his stances on gun-control and the Keystone XL pipeline. Natalie Tennant, who is… Read more »


Impeachment? Lawsuits? Why bother? (Guest Post)

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Oh Republican Party, why do you bother to exist? Speaker Boehner is ready to file a lawsuit against President Obama over his unwillingness to uphold the laws he took an oath to uphold. We’re hearing Sarah Palin lead a (thankfully) few voices from the right calling for impeachment (Which Boehner recently quelled). And yes, I… Read more »

The guy who has killed 200 children in drone strikes laments the mistreatment of a few truly evil people

The guy who has killed 200 children in drone strikes laments the mistreatment of a few truly evil people

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One of Barack Obama’s first acts as President was to go on a tour apologizing for America: President Barack Obama has finished the second leg of his international confession tour. In less than 100 days, he has apologized on three continents for what he views as the sins of America and his predecessors. Mr. Obama… Read more »


Boehner Growing A Backbone? Eh, Not Likely….

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Bout time he gets pissed off: “he has been President for five and half years, when’s he going to take some responsibility for something?” I like Allah’s answer to Boehner’s question: “Next month, if we get another good jobs report.” Then there’s this: House Speaker John Boehner outlined his strategy Thursday for pursuing a lawsuit… Read more »

Things that are more important to democrats than the health care of veterans

Things that are more important to democrats than the health care of veterans

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US veterans are dying at the hands of left wing bureaucrats and democrats have made clear they do not regard the issue as serious. There are many things that are more important than the health of veterans. Among them: – Health care of Gitmo terrorists Here’s another secret the White House doesn’t want you to… Read more »

reid stain

Harry Reid: The stain in the Senate’s briefs

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Harry Reid is an execrable human being. He is the brown stain in the Senate’s undershorts. Reid has always been a jerk, the master of the insult: About George W. Bush: About Clarence Thomas: About DC tourists: About Mitt Romney: about John McCain: To his colleagues in the Senate: Reid once told the NY Times:… Read more »

clean bill

Hiding Behind Amendments (Guest Post)

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The US Senate is set to vote on an extension of unemployment benefits. That’s fine. Whether you agree with the extension or not is not the issue under consideration here. What is being considered is the issue of WHY politicians (of both parties) deem it necessary to attempt to attach totally unrelated issue amendments to… Read more »

reid idiot

Harry Reid’s crazy rants are now indistinguishable from parody headlines

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Allah puts it best when viewing this video of Harry Reid blasting the GOP over some Koch conspiracy: In which the Grandpa Simpson of the Senate utters the word “radical” 21 times in less than seven minutes. It has, alas, come to this: He blames the GOP’s position on the bill because of the evvvvviiiiiilllll… Read more »