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Judge Roy Bean, The Law West of the Pecos

Is Kagan A Liar

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It is interesting that so many congressional members disagree. Kagan was sworn in to the Supreme Court on August 7, 2010. Because of her role as Solicitor General, she has recused herself from 25 of 51 cases the court accepted through December. Ms Kagan maintained that she would recuse herself on any cases brought to the Supreme Court on a case by case basis. She also maintained in written responses that she had no involvement in developing the government’s legal responses to to the health care law and was never asked her views; however, if as the documents portray that she lied, the American public will rightly assume she was lying concerning her own integrity in judging whether it is suitable for her to hear the challenges to the president’s health care Constitutionality.


Grace And Beauty

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She told me she would need a bucket of hot water to bathe with every night at this time. I filled a three gallon bucket and put it on the fire; while wondering how hunting with a woman was going to pan out. I used a small cross cut saw to buck up firewood and then split it with an ax. It made some great firewood and I was sure it would be toasty in the tent for Marcella, if she could keep the stove fed every two hours or so. I figured she must be done with her bath and called out that I was coming in with a load of firewood. She was sitting nude behind the bucket and still washing her self with a wash cloth. I dropped the firewood and turned around without saying a word. I spent the night outside and let her straighten out the firewood. I was mortified to have walked in on her, but I told her to tie the tent flaps closed, when she needed privacy. It was quite a shock for me to walk in on her in the nude; although, for a few fleeting seconds I was treated to a vision of beauty that was so rare for a country boy like me to see.


A Western Hat And Tennis Shoes

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When I was a young man, I heard the old age that women used, “clothes make the man”; consequently, I tried to always dress well and look my best. The years have made dressing less important to me, but at one time, I looked pretty dang good.

I’ve always dressed in the Western Style, even though I received a lot of snickers in the Northeastern U.S. and in Europe, but I wasn’t going to slap my heritage in the face to look like someone else. The rudest thing I ever heard was from a couple of toughs in London who made a comment about wearing a chamber pot on the head. It took me several hours to figure out through their thick accents, that they were talking about my Western hat.

Diogenes Searches For A Human Or Perhaps An Honest Man

The Curious Justification Of Perversion By The Left

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Oh Praise The Weiner, at least until he has disgraced himself beyond levels of decency. Lies and false incriminations of criminality are acceptable to a point, but eventually, even a Democrat reaches a point too far. Now that the hounds of reality and truth have treed the dark haired spokesman for Progressivism and all things Socialist in the tree of accountability, there is still one option open.

Weiner now must fall upon the sword of mental illness; in a move meant to gather a sympathetic army of thoughtless Progressive Socialists around him, he now feigns a disease that no one has heard of, but one that guarantees him time and an excuse for his wretched behavior. He is no longer considered a wretched pervert: he is now a victim of a terrible disease and he was helpless to resist the symptoms of the disease.


Democrats Hold The Hypocrisy Banner High

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We must not forget the heroic words of Nancy Pelosi in 2006, when she vowed that if she became Speaker of The House that she would, “drain the swamp of corruption.” It was a noble phrase that Americans were waiting to hear and Nancy surely paid a speech writer well for his effort. The phrase could have been a pledge to be honored, bringing bothb honor and integrity to a House that has been marred with corruption and scandal. Instead, it became another empty slogan of a campaign, to be forgotten amid wars and an increasingly vulnerable economy. Unfortunately, the dirty Weiner arose from his pulpit of sanctimonious indignation and served to remind the public of the outrageous hyperbole of Pelosi’s proclamation.


Weiner Is Feeling The Squeeze From Democrat Feminists

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Sexual perverts are never really healed and never trustworthy. Would you trust them around your kids. Weiner is actively trying to preserve his House Seat: his first method was to deny allegations by lying to Congress and the nation, he then claimed that his Twitter account had been hacked, but neglected to call in the FBI who said they could prove the hack within minutes, he later tried to accuse Andrew Breitbart of setting him up in a conspiracy, a charge that could have meant criminal allegations against Breitbart. Now that all his previous attempts to deflect blame for his cyber perversions have failed and new charges involving an underage teenager are emerging, Weiner is now resorting to the Lindsay Lohan defense of counseling and rehab. When all else fails, there is always the last resort of the degenerate, but wait it might just be a ruse, could Weiner be clever enough to say he will get rehab, now that he has been caught, to secure his congressional seat in perpetuity.


Weiner Gets His Buns Roasted

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Apparently, Weiner’s sanctimonious piety and his use of the universal defense of Liberals as a victim is all a ruse. Another woman has come forward with emails and intimate photos from a “consensual online romance”. Is the Wiener done or is he willing to be grilled even more. His buns are being burned as you read these lines. There is only so much heat a Weiner can take.

The USS Stark (FFG 31) burns and lists to port on 18 May 1987, one day after the guided missile frigate was struck by two Iraqi-launched Exocet missiles. The attack killed 37 sailors.

Don't Be A Dissatisfied Customer Of Goldman Sachs, Obama Might Just Light You Up

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The New Sovereign Investment Fund of Libya or of Colonel Qaddafi, there is no distinction in the money funds of Libya or Qaddafi, invested $1.3 Billion with Goldman Sachs; the bank used the funds on stock options at a variety of international banks and a collection of currency bets. Two years later, the Libyan fund had lost 98% of its value and was worth only $25.1 million.

Officials of Libya’s sovereign wealth fund were upset with Goldman Sachs and accused them of malfeasance; mainly, for making trades without authorization and misrepresenting investment deals.

The Dem’s “I Remember” video shows….they don’t remember

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It’s election time so there’s always disinformation and misleading. It’s the fuel for the partisan left and right alike, but I hate how the left just eats it up. It’s like they don’t question ANYTHING if it’s anti-Republican. You could tell em 911 was an inside job, and they’d believe it. You can tell em… Read more »