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The Great Society and Freedom

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My name is Saul. I am a loyal member of the Great Socialist Society of America. My vocation or position in the Great Society is Transition Facilitator. I prepare people and help them transition to the next level of consciousness. The year is The Year of Our Great Socialist State 2075. We live in the… Read more »

Alexis Tsipras

The moochers won in Greece (Guest Post)

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Syriza, the neo-communist party led by Alexis Tsipras, has won the elections in Greece. The party is a collection of Marxists, Socialists, Maoists, Trotskyites and Greenies. In other words, Syriza is the party of the moochers. They oppose the austerity measures that the troika of the EU, European Central Bank and the IMF imposed on… Read more »

Neighbour Spying On Neighbour

Employee Of The Month – In Obama’s America

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Unforeseen by most of us a decade ago, but predicted by many of us six years ago, the invasion of government into our lives is almost complete.  The use of the IRS to not only invade your financial affairs, but to also trespass on the process of your very personal health care, appears to have become… Read more »


How Obama Enabled The Russian Seizure Of Eastern Europe

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Our president promised us skyrocketing energy prices and a new era of “Green Energy”. So far, he has been able to deliver an ever-increasing price for energy, and with the crisis in Eastern Europe, we can anticipate a continuing rise in energy prices. In an administration known almost exclusively for corruption and for its ability… Read more »


The Iron Lady Dies…RIP Margaret Thatcher, A True Leader

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She died of a stroke this morning: Former Prime Minister Baroness Thatcher has died “peacefully” at the age of 87 after suffering a stroke while staying at the Ritz hotel in central London. …She will not have a state funeral but will be accorded the same status as Princess Diana and the Queen Mother. The… Read more »

cyprus bailout2

The Cyprus Effect…Why We Should Be Worried In America

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(h/t Zero Hedge) What’s happening right now in Cyprus should be worrying every reader here. Why? Because what is happening there WILL effect us, and it could very well come to our shores. For those unfamiliar with what is going on the short story is that Cyprus, a little island in the Mediterranean Is going… Read more »


The Madness Of The Nanny State

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So Piers Morgan, one of the new faces of the leftist ideology, says we all need nannying…for our own good: I think people need the nanny state occasionally, particularly on issues like smoking, drinking, guzzling sodas that are too big for them, you know, eating 16 Big Macs a day, whatever it may be, the… Read more »


Politics As Usual – Left Frames Its Philosophy As Right-Wing [Reader Post]

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Have you ever wondered why Fascism (essentially socialism) and Nazism (again, essentially socialism) are considered to be right-wing political philosophies? It’s because the left-wing and its obedient lap-dog, the MSM, have gone to great lenghts to recast them as right-wing philosophies. In an effort to create as much distance as possible between Hitler and his… Read more »


This Is The Progressive Mind At Work

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It’s been 80 years since Stalin’s brutal reign. Close to 150 years since the end of slavery in the States. But now we have progressives arguing a way back to slavery and communism…for our own good of course: (h/t JeffG) In the United States, as in many other countries, obesity is a serious problem. New… Read more »

Statist Wistful Admiration Of China’s Communist Party

Statist Wistful Admiration Of China’s Communist Party

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China’s ascendance in our consciousness has been growing steadily for a generation, and we wonder what more impact it will have than has already been felt by our economy and our society. We cannot accurately predict China’s future or its actions going forward, but as it flexes its newfound powers to reshape global conventions, we… Read more »