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George Dubbya Bush Waterboarded!

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By the former First Lady, Laura Bush: Nominated by his daughter, NBC news correspondent Jenna Bush Hager, and golfer Rory McIlroy, the former PotUS has himself nominated another former PotUS: Bill Clinton (who could probably use the cold shower- *ba dum bump*). I don’t hold it against current PotUS Barack Obama for declining the ALS… Read more »

A Charge to Keep by W.H.D. Koerner

Keeping the Charge

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“We know President Bush the man,” Mr. Obama told the crowd in front of the brick-and-limestone center on a bright, sunny Texas day. “To know the man is to like the man. Because he’s comfortable in his own skin. He knows who he is. He doesn’t put on any pretenses. He takes the job seriously but he doesn’t take himself too seriously. He’s a good man.”

President Bush makes surprise visit to US troops

President Bush makes surprise visit to US troops

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In yet another demonstration of what it means to be a class act, President Bush made a surprise trip to the USO at Dallas/Fort Worth airport to greet US troops who were returning home. “What an AWESOME moment,” Robert Rowe wrote. “If anyone can’t see the President and First Lady’s love for our nations troops,… Read more »

A Year Out of Office

A Year Out of Office

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Then President George W. Bush boards Air Force One after speaking about Hurricane Katrina’s damage to the nation on network television from Jackson Square in New Orleans, September 15, 2005. REUTERS/Larry Downing Hat tip to the Anchoress for linking this piece, America Betrayed President Bush, written by Jeffrey Scott Shapiro who served on John Kerry’s… Read more »

2009 a B+ Year

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Well, it’s gone. 2009 is finally freaking GONE The year started with my wife outta work, no family income (I just get beer money for my books), two sick kids, the neighbor’s trampoline had just taken flight into the back of our car-almost totaling it. The year continued…

Do we dare miss him yet?

Do we dare miss him yet?

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Former President George W. Bush looks out over the U.S. Capitol as his helicopter departs Washington, D.C. January 20, 2009, for Andrews Air Force Base following the inauguration ceremonies for President Barack Obama. (ERIC DRAPER/AFP/Getty Images) President Bush gave an hour-and-a-half speech Wednesday night at the Wilderness Resort and Convention Center in Sevierville (Hat tip:… Read more »

” Why Obama owes Bush an apology”

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The president has now decided that although the fight against terrorists might not be war as usual, it nonetheless calls for special powers and the infringement of certain liberties. In this he is surely correct. The attacks of September 11 2001 and subsequent terror plots show that the US is dealing with a tenacious and… Read more »

Western media ignores… or disses… historic Iraq electoral successes. *ALL* hardline Islamic parties lose ground!

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As the US media likes to point out, the Bush legacy is intrinsically tied to Iraq. And evidently, they are banking on it’s ultimate failure. So it comes as no surprise that it takes a UK (not a US) publication, The Guardian, to report on some very notable successes in the wake of the Iraq… Read more »