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The Barack Obama SOTU drinking game

The Barack Obama SOTU drinking game

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  Tonight Barack Obama delivers his last State of the Union address. He will dwell on the single most important thing in his life- himself. Obama has always been the guy who sets the fire and then calls 911 and promotes himself as the hero. Tonight will be no different for Saul Alinsky’s most prized… Read more »


Did You Know that Jesus Was a Radical Leftist?

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One of the more irritating tactics you’ll see from the Radical Left is suggesting that their positions, no matter how extreme, are actually conservative ideas and that we’re only opposing them out of some personal bias, usually against President Obama. The two easiest examples that come to mind are how, based on some old white… Read more »

Christmas reminds us of how different Obama is from W

Christmas reminds us of how different Obama is from W

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    Each year that he was in office George W. Bush never left Washington DC until the day after Christmas and there was a reason for that. A most unselfish reason. But here’s the thing: In December, we never left Washington, D.C., until the day after Christmas. Never. Mr. Bush and his wife, Laura,… Read more »

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NY Times stealth edits Obama quote exposing his soulless nature

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  According to a NY Times article Barack Obama eventually roused himself from his usual daily narcissistic haze to realize that America was shaken by the terrorism attack in San Bernardino: But that’s not how it originally was written. It started like this: In his meeting with the columnists, Mr. Obama indicated that he did… Read more »

Flashback: "He served with honor and distinction"

Flashback: “He served with honor and distinction”

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  Bowe Bergdahl is going to face charges of desertion. WASHINGTON (AP) – Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl, who was held captive by the Taliban for five years and freed in exchange for five detainees in Guantanamo Bay, will face charges of desertion and misbehavior before the enemy in a general court-martial, the Army announced on… Read more »

"Climate change" is about the money. It's always about the money- and look who's going to profit.

“Climate change” is about the money. It’s always about the money- and look who’s going to profit.

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  Prince Charles has kicked off the global warming summit in Paris. As is always the case with liberals, Charles is preaching of combatting climate change via the use of other people’s money. He has not committed the wealth of the crown to the effort. One look at the above image makes clear that Obama… Read more »

Crazy isn't disagreeing with Obama. Crazy is believing ANYTHING he says

Crazy isn’t disagreeing with Obama. Crazy is believing ANYTHING he says

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  Barack Obama has the propensity to vilify anyone who dares disagree with the emperor. Those who disagree with whatever it is Obama wants might be referred to as “racists”, hostage takers, or enemies. Most recently Obama again attacked the Koch brothers personally. The pattern is consistent: If there is a motto on the exit… Read more »

Mr. President, you are a goddam liar.

Mr. President, you are a goddam liar.

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  Barack Obama is a fundamentally dishonest man. I have stated here repeatedly that I believe him to be a sociopath– not unlike Frank Underwood in House of Cards and I am more convinced of it every time Obama speaks. His endless lying about the ACA is the stuff of legend but what really stands… Read more »

Obama's war on white America is here

Obama’s war on white America is here

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  I told you so. Part of Obama’s “fundamental transformation” of America is to not only marginalize the white race, but now it’s clear that he means to make whitey pay. I wrote about it here The Tea Party is a threat to national security, the GOP is a threat, the NRA is a threat, returning… Read more »

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How bad is this deal?

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  Worse than you thought. A lot worse. Let’s highlight the lows. 1. No anywhere, anytime inspections? But you promised! Ben Rhodes, way back in what- April 6? Rhodes also claimed the new arrangements ensure “anytime, anywhere” inspections of any and every Iranian facility — contradicting complaints by Israel that no such provision is guaranteed…. Read more »