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How Obamacare will die

How Obamacare will die

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A supernova is the end outcome not for all stars, but stars of sufficient mass, thought to be between 8 and 15 solar masses. The process is described this way: •Gradually heavier elements build up at the center, and it becomes layered like an onion, with elements becoming lighter towards the outside of the star…. Read more »

Democrats are in big trouble and they know it

Democrats are in big trouble and they know it

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The democrat party is in trouble. Big trouble. Captain Barack Schettino has run the SS Partito Democratico into the rocks just off Obamacare island. It’s listing heavily, taking on water and the rats are jumping ship. After 40 years in Congress, George Miller (D-CA) is retiring. Miller has been a Pelosi capo for much of… Read more »

You have no idea how big the Obama lie is

You have no idea how big the Obama lie is

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image courtesy of It’s HUGE. John Rosenthal at PJ Media: And thanks to the recent reporting of CNN (where were they and the other media three years ago, when we needed them?), more people will realize that shortly after the passage of Obamacare the Obama administration implemented rules specifically designed to ensure that millions… Read more »


Ding A Ling Goes Chelsea The Wind Chime

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Is it me, have I become a stickler for logic, congruity, and the formulation of ideas or have I lost all sense of proportion, applying cruel perspicuity until it is virtually impossible to pretend mediocrity and senseless babble are defining measures of brilliance. The media seems willing to give Chelsea Clinton more than the benefit… Read more »

How Obama blew the sequester

How Obama blew the sequester

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It could have been a powerful tool. Obama blew it and blew it big. The real answer was simple. The idea of the sequester came from the White House: “In 2011, President Obama proposed the devastating sequestration cuts and stood by them. Now the Democrats continue saying Washington doesn’t have a spending problem, showing just… Read more »


The Butcher Of Benghazi Wants To Keep The Choppers and Jets

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Watching men die, while locked in a state of indecision or having dubious motives that prevent you from sending in available assets that could have saved these men, is one of the most heinous acts of cowardice and malfeasance ever perpetrated by a sitting American President. For seven hours, the Obama Administration sat by and watched brave Americans fight for their very lives, but if the administration had its way, the death toll would be thirty instead of four. Adding to our disgrace is the fact that within 500 miles, there were several sources of help that could have changed the situation and saved some, if not all the Americans who were killed.

Obama's Concern For Big Bird Overshadows Concerns For Diplomatic Security

Obama’s Concern For Big Bird Overshadows Concerns For Diplomatic Security

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Obama Frets Over Big Bird, But He, His Administration, and the Obama Media Lie About Benghazi And The Deaths Of Americans

Tomorrow congressional hearings commence on the Benghazi attack; consequently, the State Department decided to tell the truth, everything the administration reported on the terrorist attack in Libya has been an outright lie. President Obama, Ambassador Susan Rice, White House Spokesman Jay Carney and the president’s news service, the Main Stream Media, told the American public and the world, nothing but lies.

Stalin Creates Famine And Havoc By Seizing The Harvest For Redistribution, Seven Million Ukrainians Starved To Death

Tyranny Of The Mob

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Romney committed a major gaffe when he figured 47% of our people are on the dole and will never vote for him. Indeed, I think he has made a major mistake; a mistake that hardly registers in comparison to the ongoing gong show of the Obama administration.

However, when we consider the number of working Socialists, Communists, union drones, academics, sycophantic college students, and celebrity voters; we have a demographic far larger than Obama needs for a majority.


Hit The Road Barack, And Don’t You Come Back No More

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It’s Newsweek, the title of the cover article reads, “Hit The Road, Barack”, and the Left has their collective panties tied in a knot. It has not a been pretty sight, but perhaps Newseek’s new editor, Tina Brown, has realized there is no honor or dignity in being another propaganda rag for a failed president and following him into oblivion and ignominy.