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Trey Gowdy on Nancy Pelosi: ‘Mind-Numbingly Stupid’

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“My friend Allen West said the race card is the last card in the deck. I think former Speaker Pelosi has opened up a new deck and has found the two of clubs. I could not believe it when I heard her say that. Is that all you have to come back with? Is that… Read more »

These are the people who will lecture us about income inequality

These are the people who will lecture us about income inequality

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It’s been reported that Barack Obama is going focus on income inequality in his SOTU speech: President Obama will try to pump some vitality into a lackluster second term on Tuesday when he delivers his State of the Union address. The address will include a “healthy dose” of the income inequality message the White House… Read more »

Sinking, Obama plays the race card

Sinking, Obama plays the race card

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You had to know this was coming. Obama has been flailing around for all of 2013 in what has been called the worst year of his Presidency. As he sinks in the polls, Obama whips out the race card and he is no stranger to this. Ralph Nader accused Obama of that in 2008. “He… Read more »

Obama won the shutdown battle. The prize? Everyone learns how incompetent he is.

Obama won the shutdown battle. The prize? Everyone learns how incompetent he is.

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One of the things the GOP sought during the “shutdown” was a delay in the individual mandate. Obama should have given it to them. They knew the website was going to fail and fail early: Days before the launch of President Obama’s online health ­insurance marketplace, government officials and contractors tested a key part of… Read more »

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The REAL Civil War In The Republican Party

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The NYT’s, that bastion of unbiased reporting…cough, has a story today entitled “Divisions in G.O.P. Are Laid Bare on First Day of Conservative Conference”. The largest annual gathering of Republican activists began here Thursday with appearances by rival presidential hopefuls offering their party starkly different paths back to prominence — and diagnoses of what ails… Read more »


CPAC 2013….Some Great Speeches From Rising Conservative Stars

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These are all great speeches that should be viewed in their entirety. These are all exciting new rising stars of conservative ideals. I may not agree with some of the specifics from each conservative, ie. Paul on foreign policy, but the over riding message was not about a “transformation” of this great country that Obama… Read more »

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Only the deceit is transparent [Reader Post]

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Barack Obama promised his administration set a new standard in transparency: I will also hold myself as president to a new standard of openness …. Let me say it as simply as I can: Transparency and the rule of law will be the touchstones of this presidency. Obama even issued a memo My Administration is… Read more »