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A Pretty Cowgirl in Jeans and Workshirt

Keeping up with Bruce

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I am not much of a TV man, but lately, I have been working many hours and it seemed like a good idea to sit with my significant other and watch a show. Surprise, surprise, the show was Bruce Jenner’s coming-out interview. I groaned inwardly, but knew I could rely on my ability to fall… Read more »

Rand Paul is right. Vaccines can cause profound mental impairment. It happened in my family

Rand Paul is right. Vaccines can cause profound mental impairment. It happened in my family

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This morning on Morning Joe, resident smartass Mika Brzezinski took potshots at Rand Paul for something he said about vaccines. Paul was quoted as saying: Sen. Rand Paul’s blunt style led to a combative interview with a female reporter and controversial comments defending his insistence on voluntary vaccinations on Monday. During the interview, with CNBC’s… Read more »

"Dad, I have cancer"

“Dad, I have cancer”

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Obamacare is going to kill you. Or one of your kids. Or one of your parents. Someone in your family is going to die from Obamacare. You can bet on it. You can bet your life on it. There are many things in medicine that are in a state of flux because of Obamacare. Obamacare… Read more »

This a**hole does not belong in professional football

This a**hole does not belong in professional football

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We’ve all seen some scumbags in football. Warren Sapp is one of them. Sapp crossed the field to cold cock Chad Clifton of the Packers who was nowhere near the play: Clifton was badly hurt and Sapp’s reaction showed him to be a complete ass. Then of course, there’s Ray Rice who knows how to… Read more »

the drag queen

Domestic Violence Is Not always What it Seems

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Everyone is worried over the big violent men of the NFL and their domestic violence. A man beating a woman is pathetic, the sort of behavior we expect from Muslims. However, the stories often get better for the telling and the actual events may not even resemble the media reports. I am a big muscular… Read more »

Ladies and gentlemen...50 years later- the Beatles!

Ladies and gentlemen…50 years later- the Beatles!

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50 years ago this evening I sat in my parent’s living room as a youngster and watched on the only TV we had the Beatles appear on the Ed Sullivan show. It was electrifying. My parents regularly watched the Ed Sullivan show and there were many wonderful talents to appear but few as memorable as… Read more »


Finding Family Values and Connecting With Reality

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 A Children’s Story: Read it to your children or grandchildren or let them read it: The girls were off from school for the Christmas holidays. They were up early and getting ready to help their dad feed the cattle; well, they were mainly along for the ride, but it was going to be exciting…. Read more »

Barack, you are no Martin Luther King

Barack, you are no Martin Luther King

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This morning Huffington Post posted a picture including both Martin Luther King Jr and Barack Obama in similar poses. It is an obvious and clumsy attempt to draw a comparison. Barack Obama is a white black (well, he’s not a white Hispanic) President who benefited from King’s pioneering, but really that’s about where it ends…. Read more »


Being A Better Man Than You Are

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I was at a loss for something appropriate to write for this special day. I know many sad stories that will go to the grave with me. Don’t misread that line. I am not a hero, but many heroes came to me to talk. I mainly listened. I am an excellent listener. Hopefully, I helped… Read more »