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Why Does “American Sniper” Divide Us into “Left” and “Right”?

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Whatever the truth about Chris Kyle (and I suspect, like most, the real Chris Kyle was a complex person; and lived tall tales while fabricating others), he is an American hero. My understanding of the film is that it’s not meant to make a political statement. But I suppose everything under the sun is political… Read more »

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12 people murdered with Joe Biden-inspired weapon. One killed with AR 15.

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Aaron Alexis seems to have listened to Joe Biden and taken his advice. Back in February Biden said: “You don’t need an AR-15,” he said. “Buy a shotgun! Buy a shotgun!” And that’s what Aaron Alexis did. Back then Bided added: “I have two shotguns at home. No one is going to come and take… Read more »


Being A Better Man Than You Are

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I was at a loss for something appropriate to write for this special day. I know many sad stories that will go to the grave with me. Don’t misread that line. I am not a hero, but many heroes came to me to talk. I mainly listened. I am an excellent listener. Hopefully, I helped… Read more »

Obama: Chris Kyle? Who's Chris Kyle?

Obama: Chris Kyle? Who’s Chris Kyle?

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Two weeks and counting. Whitney Houston died on February 11, 2012. Her death was caused by choices she made on her own. President Barack Obama reacted within two days WASHINGTON — The White House says President Barack Obama’s thoughts and prayers are with Whitney Houston’s family, especially her daughter. Press secretary Jay Carney says it’s… Read more »


PTSD Creates Child Porn Addiction

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That’s what one moron is claiming, at least. [Child porn downloader Juan] Rosa told the judge that Post Traumatic Stress Disorder he suffers from his military service prompted him to download and sell child pornography. As a Soldier diagnosed with PTS, let me tell you what a crock this is!  I know you probably already… Read more »