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Real Science is What Matters

Science Versus the Ignorant Fools

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On Thursday, the state-directed media went ballistic when Scott Walker was asked his opinion of evolution. Unlike the majority of Americans and the entire liberal media complex, Scott Walker does not consider himself an expert on scientific problems he knows almost nothing about. The man who first described Quantum Physics, made this observation after a… Read more »

obama media bias

What Bias?….Obama Holds Secret Meeting With Progressive Journo’s

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Yeah, no bias…. The White House held a background briefing Friday to discuss Obamacare implementation with a handful of journalists from liberal and progressive outlets. Slate blogger Matthew Yglesias posted a photograph to Instagram Friday featuring himself and other liberal journalists at the White House, with the caption “#thistown.” Yglesias’ photograph features American Prospect staff… Read more »


The Benghazi Charlie Foxtrot Continues

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We, the media complex of Obama, swear to put the president’s welfare foremost on our agenda. If this means we must sacrifice our honor and integrity, it is but a small price to pay, to insure the best image for the party and the Liberal/Progressive goals of the future.

The Benghazi episode has become an awkward situation for our leader; consequently, it has become imperative, for the state directed media to lead interference, until this inconvenient bump in the road disappears from the public’s consciousness. The Obama bootlickers have sworn allegiance to the Myth of Obama and it has never been more obvious to the semi-literate objective public.


The Presidential Debates Have Devolved Into Liberal Controlled And Hyped Media Events

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We had our debate last night, and as was expected, Crowley made her partisan views and bias a significant factor in the debate: if you deny this obvious fact, you suffer from willful ignorance or you are so lost in your bias your sanity might be in question.

Crowley let it be known, before the debate, she planned to inject her influence into the debate; after all, she has a superior intellect and is a member of the elite cadre of media engaged in the reelection of Obama. How could anyone expect or ask that she be a neutral moderator, with such superior talent, she needs to be an active participant and personality within the debate. Who knew the debate, between men vying for the most powerful position in the world, required the participation of an obvious shill for Obama to clap for Obama and allow him extra time to make crucial points because they are “important.”


MSM Liberal Bias – Ignoring Obama’s Gaffes; Pouncing On Republican Gaffes

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Jake Tapper appeared on the Dennis Miller radio show last week and basically admitted to the bias in the MSM. He acknowledges the fact that the media completely ignored Obama’s Medal of Honor gaffe while the media jumped all over Palin’s and Bachmann’s recent gaffes:


Shocking! MSM Ignores Leading Democrat Instructing Other Democrats On How To Spin Media

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Remember JournoList? That email list consisting of various liberal MSM members who conspired to get a certain message across to readers and/or viewers? That list is now supposedly defunct but you have to wonder, especially when news of Chuck Schumer’s remarks during a conference call are all but ignored by the MSM. He was overheard briefing fellow Democrat lawmakers how to belittle and denigrate conservatives.

Jennifer Steinhauer from the Times was one of the few to write a few syllables on it:


The media war on Sarah Palin is a cover-up [Reader Post]

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In a previous post Politico was shown as conducting a vendetta against Sarah Palin and along with much of the media continues the baseless bashing of Palin. It is as though Politico, TPM and the phonies at WaPo get wee-wee’d up any time Palin lands a right cross on Barack Obama. They then have editorial hissyfits in retribution for anyone daring to besmirch their leader.


Politico’s persecution of Sarah Palin [Reader Post]

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And Politico effectively joins Barack Obama’s re-election campaign.

Politico’s increasingly leftward lean has finally caused it to fall over entirely. The sheer volume of anti-Palin stories over the last week was breathtaking. It’s clear that they have targeted Palin.

To wit:

The Traitorous Main Stream Media [Reader Post]

The Traitorous Main Stream Media [Reader Post]

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The Left’s defense for the behavior of the Journolistas is that it is just media types pooling their ideas; true enough, unfortunately, their ‘ideas’ were propaganda and lies that swayed an electorate so that the United States now has to endure its first Socialist Racist President.   Unlike Duranty, who held Communism in contempt at… Read more »

The Journolist Cabal Conspired To "Carry Water" For Obama

The Journolist Cabal Conspired To “Carry Water” For Obama

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Journolist just keeps getting better and better. This time there is evidence that members pushed others to advocate for one party….again. Before the Obama/McCain debates: The single biggest thing journolist can do is to lay the analytical framework within the media elite necessary for an actual Obama debate win to be viewed as such by… Read more »