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Forcing Stephanopolous Away from 2016 Election Coverage is Exactly the Wrong Move (Guest Post)

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ABC News has an integrity problem. More specifically, they have a George Stephanopolous problem (Major H/T to Ace of Spades HQ, which provided many of the external links in this post). One quick admin note – throughout this post I’ll be referring to him as George, not out of disrespect as one particularly obnoxious individual likes… Read more »

Charlie Rose becomes Hillary's campaign spokesman and Chris Wallace screws up

Charlie Rose becomes Hillary’s campaign spokesman and Chris Wallace screws up

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  CBS This Morning was on the screen (I almost said “tube”) this morning and I watched an exchange between Charlie Rose and John Dickerson.  Rose introduced the topic as Marco Rubio being the latest GOP candidate  to “run into trouble” this morning over his comments about the Iraq war. There clearly is a herd mentality out… Read more »

What?? democrats are dead wrong AGAIN???

What?? democrats are dead wrong AGAIN???

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    So what do I read this morning?? Amtrak will ‘immediately’ upgrade anti-crash technology Huh?? Amtrak said Saturday it will “immediately” act on the Federal Railroad Administration’s orders to strengthen rail safety in the Northeast Corridor. FRA ordered that Amtrak make operational the anti-collision technology installed along the portion of track in Philadelphia where… Read more »


Paid Maternity Leave Chickenhawks (Guest Post)

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God bless those gents over at PJTV. The Trifecta team of Stephen Green, Scott Ott, and Bill Whittle look like they’re ahead of the curve in identifying what the Radical Left has chosen for its wedge issue to scare their voters into believing their “War on Women” hysterics for the 2016 presidential election. Granted, if… Read more »

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Once again, democrats dance on the dead

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  There’s something very wrong with liberals. Very, very wrong. They love to take political advantage of the dead, whether it’s Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown, Freddie Gray, Benghazi or the Amtrak dead. The bodies of the dead in the Amtrak crash weren’t cold- and perhaps hadn’t even been recovered yet- when the left began using… Read more »


Is the Media Trying to Incite Christians to Violence? (Guest Post)

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By now everybody knows how about the thwarted attempt to murder Pam Geller at her “Draw Mohammed” contest in Texas by two Islamic fanatics. What was most disturbing was how our “free” press mostly curled up into a fetal position and bravely begged to be killed last. As Mark Steyn summarized: The Washington Post offered… Read more »

20 ex-CIA chiefs outs "the Grey Lady" for the Sleazeball Newsrag it Is

20 ex-CIA chiefs outs “the Grey Lady” for the Sleazeball Newsrag it Is

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The New York Times, even to this day, remains “America’s newspaper”. But why?! The latest brouhaha scandalous decision made by the newspaper involves the outing of 3 CIA officials in wake of reporting that two innocent hostage lives were taken in a drone attack. In response, 20 former senior CIA leaders penned a blistering response… Read more »

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Ever notice something is always left out of some crime reports?

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  Brian Moore is dead. He was shot in the face two days ago. Moore was 25 at the time of his death. Since joining the NYPD five years ago he made 150 arrests and was awarded two exceptional police service medals and two meritorious police service medals. Here is the ABC News account of… Read more »

Mayor Stephanie hides behind race hustler Sharpton

Mayor Stephanie hides behind race hustler Sharpton

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  It was surreal. Fox News reporter Leland Vittert was trying to get answers from Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake and she was being shielded by race hustler Al Sharpton. Rawlings-Blake has been considered to be a rising political star in the democrat party. Then as Baltimore spiraled out of control, Rawlings-Blake found herself way over… Read more »