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Missouri's University of Butthurt

Missouri’s University of Butthurt

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  College Football Team Fires University President, says Steve Sailer at VDARE. And they have. Piqued because their demands have not been met, some of the football players at the University of Missouri threatened to go on strike. They bagged a President and a Chancellor: The University of Missouri system’s president, Tim Wolfe, and the… Read more »


Media to the American People: “Silence, Commoners!”

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Watch any entertaining presidential primary debates lately? That was an impressive bit of pushback by the GOP candidates on the partisan hack who was masquerading as a debate moderator! After an embarrassment like that how does our media react – apologetic and promising to make a more honest effort next time? Ha Ha! Don’t be… Read more »

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The media attacks Ben Carson- the conservative media!

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  I felt as though I’d entered the Twilight  Zone this morning. I was watching Morning Joe and was absolutely confounded by what I saw. On one hand there was Scarborough attacking Ben Carson, repeatedly calling him a liar, Nicole Wallace doing the same while laughing like a sufferer of Frontal Lobe Dementia. The on… Read more »

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Cruz, Bush and Fellow Journalists Come To Ben Carson’s Defense re: Politico Hit Piece

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  Will wonders never cease? Yesterday Politico published a very suspect article claiming, at first, that Ben Carson had lied about a scholarship to West Point.  Afterwards Ben Carson ripped, and I do mean ripped, into reporters who tried to question him. Mr. Carson, the doctor whose soft-spoken and sedate style have made his rise… Read more »

The Comedian-in-Chief

The Comedian-in-Chief

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The Comedian-in-Chief a week ago at the Democratic National Committee’s meeting of the Women’s Leadership Forum: More recently at a Democratic fundraising event in New York Well, under President Obama’s lead-from-behindership, we know in actuality and not in theory that Russia and China do not fear the U.S. I do think that the Republican Debate… Read more »


Carly’s Missed Opportunity

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Dang it Carly, you blew a grand opportunity. An no, I’m not referring to a middle-of-the-pack performance at the last Republican debate. After a short and impressive few minutes in the spotlight, Carly Fiorina’s campaign seems to be fading quickly. It seems like it was just a month ago that I was praising her for… Read more »

Putin's b*tch mocks GOP candidates for being unable to "handle" CNBC moderators

Putin’s b*tch mocks GOP candidates for being unable to “handle” CNBC moderators

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  The weakest President since Jimmy Carter, the “man” who won the Olympic gold medal for Flexibility to Foreign Leaders, mocked the GOP candidates for their response to what is widely accepted as an astonishingly inept and biased set of debate moderators. Obama sneered: “Let me tell you, if you can’t handle those guys then I… Read more »


Why Does the Republican Party Bother to Exist? Part II

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A few months back I asked the question of the Republican Party – If you can’t make a story as black and white as the killing of Kate Steinle part of the debate over illegal immigration, why do you even bother to exist? Recent events have me asking the same question again: First off, revisiting the… Read more »

The Benghazi hearings are political? So was the lie!

The Benghazi hearings are political? So was the lie!

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  Why are democrats so upset about an allegedly political hearing into a baldly political lie? Much was made of Kevin McCarthy’s apparent admission that the Benghazi hearings were entirely political.  To be honest, it was really stupid. Mike Huckabee: “For many of us, it’s been incredibly frustrating to watch this investigation be turned into… Read more »