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NASA Can Predict Temperature 200 Years Into The Future, But Where To Park Bus Sized Satellite?

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NASA scientists are hoping a bus sized satellite will disintegrate on reentry and people won’t be run down by their dead climate satellite that they presumably used to contribute to the Anthropomorphic Global Warming hysteria. It will land today, but by using the same mathematical skills they employed in the Left’s political ploy to weaken the US and redistribute its’ wealth among developing countries like China, they don’t have a clue as to where to reserve a parking space for their dead orbiting climate change bus.

NASA gained valuable insight and a sense of relief into the parking issue on Thursday, when they decided the bus sized satellite would miss the Western Hemisphere, saving them the hassles of litigation in an LA or NY civil law court. The prospect of a confrontation in a Liberal court that has no tort reform must be frightening to the wizards at NASA.

Enough with the Lawyers in Congress [Reader Post]

Enough with the Lawyers in Congress [Reader Post]

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How many times have you been watching a commercial for this or that medicine with images of a couple strolling through a bucolic meadow or scenes of a depressed woman who’s suddenly happy again only to be bombarded with a rapid-fire litany of potential side effects so scary that they would have kept Atilla the… Read more »