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Mandela- beyond the image

Mandela- beyond the image

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Nelson Mandela wrote about his feelings when he left prison in 1990: “As I walked out of the door toward the gate that would lead to my freedom, I knew that if I didn’t leave my bitterness and hatred behind, I’d still be in prison.” Unfortunately, 1990 is where Mandela’s history begins and in 1999… Read more »


This Is The Progressive Mind At Work

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It’s been 80 years since Stalin’s brutal reign. Close to 150 years since the end of slavery in the States. But now we have progressives arguing a way back to slavery and communism…for our own good of course: (h/t JeffG) In the United States, as in many other countries, obesity is a serious problem. New… Read more »

Declaration and Flag

4th of July – A call to return to the simplicity of our Founding principles

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Despite July 2nd as the actual day the Continental Congress voted to approve a motion by the VA delegate Richard Henry Lee, calling for the colonies’ independence after a year of fighting with the British, July 4th became the official day, set aside to celebrate the birth of our nation. The leaders of that era… Read more »


The Spaniard

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The Seville family survived the Moors during the invasion of Spain in the early 8th Century; actually, their sword making techniques, during the occupation, made the Seville family wealthy. The Moors had a deep respect for the technology involved in manufacturing a fine honed blade, thus they allowed the Seville family to prosper; eventually, Moors married into the family and the family became one of the wealthiest families in Spain.

The Honesty of Yesterday

Honesty and Integrity, Up Close and Personal

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The outfitter told me I’d be taking out an older hunter, to be careful not to over do the hunting and to keep a close watch over him in case he needed to come in early. Whenever there was an unusual hunter, I was chosen to be his or her guide. I didn’t mind, it was a compliment actually; however, rather than thinking of myself as special, I figured I was more likely to remember and follow instructions than the other guides.

There were a bunch of young hunters in their thirties and forties, they were dressed in the latest from the big outdoor shops and they were excited about going on the hunt. They already had several days worth of whiskers, to have “the look” out in the mountains. Personally, the whiskers drive me nuts, but if whiskers made their hunt more enjoyable, then grow some damn whiskers.


Liberty Tree Fruit [Read Post]

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Freedom is but one of the fruits which blossoms on the boughs of the Liberty Tree. For Duty, Responsibility, Pride, Commitment, Self Reliance, Truth, Determination, Justice and Equality are also there to be harvested for the nourishment of our national body.

Some are a little bitter, others sweet and yet others tart, but none are distasteful.


There was a time when Democrats thought high gas prices were bad [Reader Post]

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No, not this year. A democrat is President and he said he wanted high gas prices back in 2008.

Well, he got them for us.

Gas Prices Near $4 A Gallon At Some Chicago Stations