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Obama is angling to get impeached- Updated

Obama is angling to get impeached- Updated

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What to do with a President who toils against the will of the American people? Approval ratings of Barack Obama’s handling of immigration reached a low not long ago, reaching a 65% disapproval. Americans overwhelmingly oppose Obama’s current threats of unilateral action on immigration and overwhelmingly prefer that Obama work with Congress. The GOP is… Read more »

Call his bluff

Call his bluff

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democrats are a dependable and predictable bunch. When they hear a dog whistle, they come. democrat pols have been blowing the whistle of impeachment for some time and their unthinking followers are obeying. Despite no GOP leader calling for Obama’s impeachment, however well deserved, democrats are ginning up the impeachment issue. As have observed, Obama… Read more »

Hillary Clinton was fired from Watergate for being a liar

Hillary Clinton was fired from Watergate for being a liar

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Hillary Clinton has a history of prevarication going back a long time. By now most people are familiar with ludicrous story of her having to dodge sniper fire in Bosnia. Scuttlebutt has it that she also claimed to have discovered penicillin and walked on the Moon. Fewer people know that Hillary was involved in Watergate… Read more »


May Obama Voters Choke On Their Own Hypocrisy

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Those same sanctimonious claims of righteous indignation were used to elect President Obama, but Obama voters accepted the expansion of Bush’s Drone Warfare as being unavoidable. There was no need to march and call Obama a “Baby Killer; after all, he had already won a Nobel Prize for Peace. No, the Obama Voters remain silent… Read more »

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Poor Richard’s Impeachment

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Richard Nixon made a major mistake in the commission of his crimes against the people, he left a trail of incrimination. Some of us have doubts concerning the intellect of Obama, but it can’t be denied, he has the cunning of a street wise criminal. At least he knows how to cover his ass, even… Read more »