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Porn star levels accusation of "unacceptable behavior" at Trump day after launching online sex shop

Porn star levels accusation of “unacceptable behavior” at Trump day after launching online sex shop

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  I couldn’t ignore this. I looked at and thought about it for a while at first but then something Jim Hoft added to it began to crack me up. When I heard of the newest Trump accuser on The Today Show this morning I sort of dismissed it since the accuser they described sounded… Read more »

Peculiar Diagnosis

Tis the Quality of the Lie That Matters

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  During the reign of King George I, in 1726, the country village of Goldaming in the county of Surrey had a bizarre incident that was challenging the modern science of obstetrics. John Howard had been practicing midwifery for thirty years. By the standards of the day, he was considered a competent obstetrician. However, conventional… Read more »

Hillary's New Image

Hillary Has A New Image

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Hillary has been losing ground in the recent polls, especially in the battleground states. Let’s face it, Hillary has an image problem. It’s reasonable for her handlers to reach out for a new image and I think they have hit upon a winner. It is definitely an improvement and a step in the right direction…. Read more »